French President Emmanuel Macron has requested Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to remain in his position “for the time being to ensure the country’s stability” following an election that left no party with an outright majority.

Despite leading the Ensemble alliance’s election campaign, which resulted in significant seat losses, Attal’s resignation, submitted on Monday, was declined by Macron.

Ensemble finished second in the election, trailing a left-wing alliance but ahead of the far-right, which had been anticipated to win.

This unexpected result has created a political stalemate in France, with no party able to form a government independently.

The New Popular Front, a left-wing coalition formed after Macron called the elections, claims the right to nominate a prime minister as the leading group in the new National Assembly.

However, finding a candidate acceptable to both the radical France Unbowed (LFI) party and the more moderate Socialists, Greens, and Communists remains a challenge.

Attal had indicated his willingness to stay on as long as necessary, a sentiment reinforced when his resignation was widely expected to be rejected during his visit to the Élysée Palace on Monday morning.

President Macron is set to fly to the US on Tuesday for a NATO summit, with Paris hosting the Olympic Games from July 26.

While the duration of Attal’s continued tenure is uncertain, Macron emphasized the need for a period of calm in France. Outgoing Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire warned of an immediate risk of financial crisis and economic decline.

Meanwhile, the New Popular Front continues to argue for the right to choose the next prime minister.

Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella of the far-right National Rally (RN) have accused the left and centrist blocs of manipulating the vote, but are now focusing on future strategies.

Le Pen expressed optimism about their progress and voter support, while Bardella prepares to lead a new European Parliament group called Patriots for Europe, formed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The snap parliamentary vote was called by Macron in response to RN’s victory in the recent EU elections.