Limit your speed when driving during rainfall – FRSC warns

NEWS DIGEST – The Acting Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Dauda Biu has urged motorists to apply common sense and limit speed when driving in the rain to avoid Road Traffic crashes (RTCs).

This is contained in a statement by the Corps Public Education Officer (CPEO) Mr Bisi Kazeem on Monday, in Abuja.

Biu said that caution became necessary because of the forecast of heavy rainfall expected as the season progressed.

He explained that driving in the rain could be risky.

He said visibility would be reduced and it was usually hazardous since the roads became slippery.

He urged drivers to imbibe precautionary measures while transiting from one destination to another during rainfalls.

Biu said that motorists had to always take precautions while driving, to reach their destinations safely.

“Motorists are also advised to reduce their speed during this time and apply the “common sense speed limit”.

“The roads are often slippery. The drivers are also admonished to ensure that their tyres have an adequate grip on the road.

“The car tyres are amongst the most crucial elements in a vehicle. It is the only part that is in connection with the road.

“So we urge them to be very careful while driving on the road during rainfall,” he said.

Biu also warned drivers to ensure that before embarking on a journey during the rainy season, they should ascertain that the windows and windshields were clean on the outside and the inside.

He added that drivers should routinely check the headlights, brake lights, turn signals and tail lights.

According to him, the windshield wiper and blades should also be checked for proper functioning. The lights should be on during the day and at night, whenever rain starts.

The Acting Corps Marshal also directed Commanding Officers across the country to take the duties of traffic calmly in order to guide drivers through these safety precautions.

He also urged the commanding officers to increase public enlightenment campaigns and improve checking of wipers during this season as a major priority while enjoining the public to drive safely to stay alive.