Farewell to the legislator of legislators, By Usama Jaafar

NEWS DIGEST – Last year, on his birthday, I wrote an article on the quintessential leadership qualities of this great man, a two term member representing Bassa/Jos North federal constituency and also a fourth term executive board member of the Nigerian football federation (NFF) representing North Central.

As he is going to clock a year older today, the 4th of April, 2019, It is necessary to celebrate the exemplary leadership qualities of this incorruptible, humble and silent achiever.

Working with him has actually exposed me to so many things. The noble character, discipline, humility and simplicity display by him is always uncommon. He always makes me to wonder about life, its pleasure, its vanity and what forms inner contentment and fulfilment. 

I always like, respect and admire his favorite slogan *Mulki na Allah ne* to him, politics should not be taking as a do or die affair. He believes God gives leadership and takes it from whosoever he wishes at his appointed time.

He clearly demonstrated this recently when he lost the APC primaries to Alh. Haruna Maitala. Despite what transpired, he decided to let it go, congratulated the winner and accept the outcome in good faith. He didn’t stop at that, he campaigned vigorously for the party and all APC aspirants from the national to the state level because of the love he has for his people, Party and President Buhari.  

From the little time I spend with him, I discovered him to be a  man who has a great love and passion for his people.

Hon. Kwande would go out of his way to explain everything in detail to me until he is satisfied that I have adequately understood. He has been a pillar of support to me and many others out there.  He did not only encourage me to get married early but he lead the delegation to visit the family of the girl that I wanted to marry and ask her hand in marriage.  

Gargantuan projects executed by him across his constituency. From schools, hospitals, empowerment and lot of others that I can’t not even mention here. He has touched and changed the lives of so many people.  A very strong advocate of peace.

There are many other instances where I have tapped from the fountain of knowledge of this great man and political giant that I cannot relay here, for want of space.

Like every mortal being, Hon. Sulieman Yahaya Kwande may not be perfect, but he tried his best. He came, he saw and he conquered. 

My leader, the caterpillar member, the most jovial and friendly legislator in Nigeria, as you mark another birthday today, you mark a day closer to the prospects of a higher calling. May Allah in his infinite mercy crown your effort with the highest appointment.