Lagos Shuts Down Medville Health Centre over Illegal Operations

NEWS DIGEST – The Lagos State Government has sealed the premises of Medville Global Health Centre at Okota over concerns it was operating illegally.

A statement from the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), the Lagos agency responsible for monitoring health facilities in the state, noted that Medville had lower than the required number of personnel working in the hospital.

The agency arrived at its conclusion that Medville was not complying with set standards while investigating the recent death of Mr Triplem Mchaty’s wife at the hospital.

On Sunday, Mr Mchaty described on Twitter how the operation of doctors at Medville Global Health Centre brought about the death of his wife while in labour.

Mr Triplem is seeking justice for a botched labour service that started with inducing Mrs Mchaty to speed up labour, a CS session and then suggestions to cut off her womb to stop her bleeding. Ultimately, Mrs Mchaty passed away and the new born remains in an intensive care unit of another hospital, and still with a #500,000 bill he must settle at Medville.

According to the Executive Secretary of HEFAMAA, Dr Abiola Idowu, the hospital was not registered with the agency and in not doing so, flouted the 2006 health sector reform law.

“It means the facility was operating illegally,” she said.

Dr Idowu revealed that the Chairman of the agency, Dr Solanke Kayo has ordered the agency to carry out a full scale investigation to uncover the true circumstances behind the death of Mrs Mchaty.

She added that the agency took the crucial decision to close down the hospital in furtherance of public protection while they await the final outcome of the ongoing investigations.

Dr Idowu urged all administrators of health facilities in the state to adhere strictly to the set standards and cooperate with the leadership of Governor Sanwo-Olu.