Babajide Stephen Adenaike

Lagos Assembly aspirant rejects Badagry PDP primaries, says ‘this is injustice made easy’

NEWS DIGEST – A Peoples Democratic Party aspirant for the Lagos State House of Assembly, Babajide Stephen Adenaike, has rejected the just-concluded party primaries in the state.

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, Mr Adenaike, who sought to represent Badagry Constituency 1, described the exercise as injustice made easy.

He said: “I’m less inclined to agree with some people supporting what I deemed an affront to the office of the PDP Lagos State Chairman.

“There are two senior officers in Badagry Local Government ( PDP Lagos State Chairman and the National Deputy Secretary) and it is obvious that what happened today, 22nd of May 2022 is against the rules and Constitution of this enviable party.

“I will agree that the plan may not map out as those usurpers intend it to be. But it would be naive to cavalierly dismiss the salient and far less salubrious activities of those who chose to use another venue for the primaries election, contrary to what was approved by the Party.

“Who is behind this indignity? Who gave the order to have two electoral venues in Badagry Local Government? Who wants to destroy the Party’s structure?

“There was no primary election at the approved center in Badagry Local Government today. Who gave the order to have a contrary venue?”

Mr Adenaike, therefore, called on the elders of the party to call those championing disunity within the party in Badagry Local Government and the PDP at large to order.

He said: “We shouldn’t allow fraudulent activities to gain traction due to some people’s personal interest and self-importance.

“The evidence is clear and illuminating, summarising anecdotally the patent flaws inherent in the overarching principles of the party.

“It’s appalling to see this sort of anomaly happening within us. This will never be watered-down. This is injustice made easy.”

“A “family” where you cannot castigate each other, but pretend all is well is bound to fail. Ultimately, a difference in opinion will never change the relationship we are building.

“Our utmost priorities should be winning the election for the party and not boosting one’s ego.

“We are all flawed creatures, and I’m acutely aware of it. And that is why you won’t see me just criticising anyone because of the desire to follow what is attracting increasing support.

“Nobody is perfect, but we should strive towards perfection. Regardless, there’s gravity in wrongdoing. That is why even human courts do not hand out the same sentence.”

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