Lady got missing after boarding BRT, driver’s whereabouts unknown in Lagos

NEWS DIGEST – A young female identified as Bamise has been pronounced missing in Lagos after boarding the popular Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), on Saturday, February 27, 2022, while returning from work.

The disappearance of the lady was made known on the popular micro-blogging app, Twitter by a user identified as her friend.

At exactly 10:58 am on the 2nd of March 2022, the user identified as @Mercy_Mcquin tweeted the sudden disappearance of her friend who was returning from work at about 7 pm the day she got missing.

On the 1st of May, 2021, News Digest reported the case of a missing 26-year-old graduate of Akwa Ibom State University, Akwa-Ibom, Hinny Umoren who was murdered by Uduak Akpan.

Bamise was said to have boarded a BRT bus from Chevron going to Oshodi and since then, no information has been heard from her.

A video of the BRT bus with the number 240257, which she entered was seen at the terminal while the driver nor Bamise could be found in it.

“She was coming from Lekki chevron where she works, she entered the BRT bus from chevron going to Oshodi around 7 pm on Saturday, she started to send VN when she noticed something was off about the bus. The driver asked her to sit at the back of the bus.

“She agreed, on her way coming, the driver picked up 2 men and 1 woman, this made her calm for a bit, then she told us she will alight at Oworonshoki, we called her and noticed something was off about the way she was talking, then we tried to reach out to her again her phone was unreachable,” Mercy tweeted.

It was learnt that the driver who drove the BRT could not be found, as the police disclosed to Mercy and those in search of Bamise that, the driver could not be found in his house nor does he still reside there.

According to her, the driver’s number has been switched off.

In a WhatsApp voice note shared by Mercy, Bamise who sat at the back seat while recording the voice note to Mercy said they were 5 passengers (2 males and 2 females, including her).

In the first set of the voice note, she said the BRT stopped to give her a lift but since she entered, the BRT did not stop.

A video she sent to Mercy revealed she was inside the BRT seated at the back, seeing the driver from behind.

However, a tweet from her at exactly 8:30 pm on Wednesday says, the Police and BRT are now cooperating. She said further information will be provided subsequently.

“Hi, guys!!! Thank you all so much for lending your voices ????
The BRT and police are cooperating. We will give further updates on the information. Please put the family of Bamise in your prayers. Thank you all so much,” she tweeted.

A call was made to Primero, the private organisation managing the BRT buses but no response was gotten.

Primero whose services run 7 days per week is the sole operator of the Ikorodu to TBS corridor, with additional routes to Ikeja, Oshodi and Yaba. It also operates along the Oshodi to Abule-Egba BRT corridor.

To be objective, efforts were made to reach the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Ajisebutu Adekunle on the said case. The Police spokesman in a text affirms he is yet to be notified of such information.

NEWS DIGEST had sent him a text to seek his reactions on the matter. The text message of the CSP reads, “I am yet to receive the report of such incident.”

Another man, Makinde Taiwo is missing

While this report of Bamise will be updated subsequently, another case of a recent graduate from the Federal University of Technology, FUTA, Makinde Taiwo is said to have been missing also. He was said to be travelling to Kano for his compulsory National Youth Service year.

It was reported that he stopped over in Giri, Abuja to search for where he will pass the night to continue the journey the next day only for him not to be found.

Makinde Taiwo is said to be the Prayer Coordinator of the Joint Campus Christian Fellowship (JCCF) of his school while he was an undergraduate.

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