Various stakeholders have emphasized that lack of political will and poor data are mitigating against efforts aimed at quelling hunger and poverty in Nigeria.


The position was stated by various participants during a national dialogue organized by Centre for Hunger and Poverty Alleviation and Research (CHPAR) with the theme “Fighting Hunger and Poverty Using Community-Based Data.


The keynote speaker, Oyin Zubair Ojirotutu, a veteran journalist and project manger of the Igbomina Mobile Clinic said the absence of political will is the major issue affecting the Nigerian society


Ojirotutu believes “There is lack of political will to fight hunger and poverty especially as sectors such as education, agriculture and health have become neglected”.


He wondered why the government also neglected policies that could have strengthened use of data to curb these vices in Nigeria.


He called on stakeholders to prevail on the government to start showing commitment towards tackling the hunger and poverty menace in the country while vowing that Igbomina Mobile clinic which is based in Kwara will continue to offer treatment in the society.


Also, Professor Aisha Gobir of Paediatrician Department, University of Ilorin, emphasized that without accurate data nothing can be acheived.


Gobir harped on how “We need accurate data to know when, where and how issues will be tackled because without data, nothing or little can be achieved in the fight against hunger and poverty”.


Other participants also lampooned the lack of will while stating that the Nigerian society needs data to know where and how to tackle the spirge of hunger and poverty in the country.


Earlier, the Centre for Hunger and Poverty Alleviation and Research (CHPAR) through its Executive Director, Alabidun Shuaib Abdulrahman, reiterated that the centre intends to strengthen the use of data towards solving challenge of poverty and hunger which have become a recurring decimal in the society.


The centre also unveiled plans towards a nationwide research starting from Kwara state with the aim to support government efforts on tackling hunger and poverty with data.


The dialogue had media stakeholders, non-governmental organisations, health advocates, technology experts among several others.

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