The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has unequivocally maintained its stance on the proposed ₦250,000 minimum wage, resisting the Federal Government’s offer of ₦62,000.

The declaration was made by NLC President, Joe Ajaero, at an award ceremony in Kano, highlighting the union’s commitment to advocating for the interests of Nigerian workers.

Despite several meetings aimed at resolving the wage dispute, no agreement has been reached, with both the government and the NLC holding their grounds.

The impasse continues even after the expiration of the existing minimum wage in April 2024, which has heightened tensions between the parties involved.

During his speech, delivered by NLC General Secretary Emmanuel Ugboaja, Ajaero voiced concerns over the current economic challenges and escalating inflation rates, which he argued have severely impacted the living standards of workers.

“The economic reality and worsening inflation could no longer sustain Nigerian workers,” Ajaero stated, emphasizing the urgent need for a wage that ensures a dignified life for all labourers.