1 – Our attention has been drawn to a strange and abnormal news filtering the town about the high tendency for the position of Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly to be zoned to the Kwara South Constituency of the Harmonious State of Kwara.

2 – In as much as we personally take that news as false, mischievous and misleading information, recent happenings have made us realize that something of that nature is certainly in the pipeline, whether it comes to fruition or not remains to be seen, but if it finally comes to pass, history would always have it that some few stood against an unpopular decision based on their personal convictions.

3 – It’s needless to remind us that Kwara North is the only politically marginalized constituency in Kwara, as the zone has been used overtime by politicians to get to power without commensurate involvement in governance. For instance, Kwara Central is about to start its 16th year while Kwara South has used 8 years, but only Kwara North has not produced the Number one (1) citizen of our dear State since 1999. If Kwara North people are good as being used to get votes, why are they not good to lead?

4 – Even at that, the region was totally committed to the unsitting of the hegemony establishment, even though the road leading to the elections was rugged, torrid, and hectic, whilst ignoring the power shift pact of the PDP that promised them the gubernatorial seat after four (4) years, the region still overwhelmingly delivered over 80% votes for the APC. Must APC repay good with evil? What will APC be doing differently to bring justice and equity to Kwara North if it can’t zone Speakership to that Constituency? What lesson can we learn from the Ó tó gé that people voted for?

5 – At this stage of the struggle, what’s most important to us is the continued unity and prosperity of the people of the State, and that can only be possible where there isn’t just equality but equity too, where governance is truly participatory. For a region to forfeit its moral right for the Gubernatorial ticket, no doubt, they would be dissapointed when the Deputy Governorship position wasn’t selected from its zone, but for unswerving loyalty to the emancipation of Kwara, they still voted en masse for APC. For this, they deserve not only commendations, but should also be appreciated with the Speakership.

6 – The excuse of those canvassing for zoning of Speakership to Kwara South lacks merit. We can’t afford to sacrifice justice, equity, and unity of Kwara for a so-called experienced and returning legislator, as the position of the ‘house leader’ can be reserved for such. Seniority in the house is not a requirement to be a Speaker. As history has it, all the Speakers since 1999 have been first timers.

7. The thought behind zoning Speakership to a constituency that had produced Deputy Governor, Minister, and the State’s Party Chairman is not in the interest of a united Kwara, and a gross violation of the principle of Ó tó gé on which the incoming administration was overwhelming elected.

8 – On a final note, we urge all party faithfuls, stakeholders and supporters alike, and all Kwarans to embrace the spirit of equity and support the emergence of a candidate from Kwara North for the position of the Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly. This sensitive matter is a litmus test for how APC can bring unity, fairness and equity to Kwara State and we are all watching.


Dr. Alagbonsi Abdullateef (Ilorin West)
Comrade Bolakale Saliu A. (Ilorin South)
Abdulazeez Abdulrazaq. A. ( Ilorin East)
Dr. Toyin Nassamu (Ilorin South)
S.S. Taofeek (Ilorin West)
Ibrahim Olanrewaju Abdulganiy (Asa)
Taofeeq Moyosore Ibrahim (Ilorin South)
Bolaji Aladie (Ilorin West)
Issa Mutolib Ayobami (Ilorin East)
Tunde Razaq Adebayo (Ilorin West)
Babatunde Mudashir Fetere (Ilorin West)
Comrade Alabidun Shuaib Abdulrahman (Ilorin West)
Ibraheem Abdullateef (Ilorin West)
Shafihi Abdulrasheed Alage (Ilorin West)
Lanre Sulyman (Ilorin West)

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