Mal. Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, Kwara Governor-Elect

Still on Kwara Politics after Otoge Movement

NEWS DIGEST–I was first contacted by my friend and brother, Razak Jiddah who informed me of his nomination as a member of the transition committee of, course I was not surprised given his commitment to the struggle. Not long after our President Emeritus Dr. Yusuf Lawal who knew that I’m not close by and may not have known sent a message to inform me of my nomination as well. Most people tried without success to reach me but some did via sms and WhatsApp. I appreciate you all for your thoughts and goodwill. Let’s pray collectively and fervently that this will be the beginning of a positive turning point in the annals of our dear state.

I hope people will not see this as politics but as a veritable starting point to redirect our state to the path of honour, to the path of economic and socio infrastructure development, to the path of moral renaissance and sincere patriotic zeal for the state. This assignment must be seen as a honour and therefore, a call to serve and not business as usual.

This is not about vendetta, this is not about vengeance but this is about justice and fairness to individuals and to the state in all necessary ramifications.

This is the time to reckon with reckoning, time for undiluted sobriety, time to think about standing naked in the presence of God Almighty who knows how one naira became one million naira but who will still ask for explanations. And in whose presence no lie will fly.

This is the time to brainsickly reflect in retrospect how much blood of this state has been cannibalistically sucked, how much of it has been sadistically wasted, how much has been flippantly and nonchalantly given to some undeserving zealots for eternal subservience and ego massaging while the needy die daily of haemorrhage.

This is the time to take an objective and holistic look at the state vis a vis its contemporaries and take a pity on her by voluntarily returning its assets cornered by few individuals, principals and cronies, nothing is too much-nothing is too small. This is the time for voluntary compliance.

After all, as much as Allah doesn’t want His creation to be in hellfire yet; He created it to serve as a living warning and deterrent; hence His constance reminder of His astounding forgiveness capacity and blessings afterwards. In the same breath He reminds us of His “Gafuru Raheem and Shadidul’ eeqab.”

i.e no matter how grevious ones sins are Allah’s expansive forgiveness capacity is more and accessible, but then; of such equality is His punishment especially with hellfire which stoking woods are nothing but human beings and heavyweight stones wherein the culprits never die and never lived and the pains and trauma are cyclical. May Allah prevent us from such torments. This is the time to re acknowledge these facts and come to terms with its truism. As gracious and as forgiving as He is, terms and conditions apply. The most basic and unconditional are “Taobata Nusu’an” genuine reflection, sobriety and regret. Such genuine reflection that will make you wail and cry in deep agony. Followed by repentance.

Therefore, for all who has offended this state; it is demanded and mandatory to fulfil those righteousness and voluntarily bring back our wealth for the betterment and development of our state. The repatriation of our mismanaged commonwealth is unconditional if we want to be fair and just.

To the committee, this is a covenant and the terms of reference must be adhered to religiously and to the letter because each and every member will stand before God Almighty to give account, so we must eschew witch hunting, payback, vengeance, favouritism and other vices, having in mind the admonishment from Allah that:

“O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” Q5:8

The election that brought in this government has a lot of lessons and providence behind it. Maybe people have not thought of Alhaji AbdulGaniy Folorunsho AbdulRazak SAN and Alhaja Raliat AbdulRazak at 92 and 88 years respectively alive to witness this day. It’s ominous if we remember historically the conspiratorial working that brought in Abubakar Saraki ( Oloye ) to the political scene of Ilorin and Kwara State in the early 70s against the political interest of AGF who was seen as being elitist at that time vis a vis the collaborative network that dethroned one’s son and enthroned the other’s today.

At another level Isiaka AbdulRazak AKA “Mallam” was an Executive Director at NEPA then in the 90s and who was highly beneficial to people of the community and the state in general, it was insinuated that the dissolution of the management was not a coincidence ditto with the termination of the management of Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission. (NERC) where Dr. Alimi AbdulRazak was an Executive Director, still the Federal Character Commission issue as raised in my earlier write up . Naturally; as human these are personal,painful experiences meted to one family by a member of another family, forgetting the bank legal cum judicial pyrrhic battle that one family fought and won on behalf of the other. Now, the table has turned but nothing pronounces power like forgiveness. However, forgiveness still does not preclude justice and fairness.

I referred to these instances to underline the ephemerality and transience of power and how to use and not to use power.


The lamentation about imbalance in the constitution of the committee was first made by Femi Ogunshola not Dr. Femi Ogunshola who promptly and commendably dissociated himself from such outcry . He maturedly and responsibly called “on the progressive family to be united by the progressive creed that bonds (sic) us together, to support the new government, whose main agenda is to bring prosperity and development to the state. This is a time we need to come together as family and manage our successes in unity.”

However, different people have responded for and against, for instance the politicians enthused that the 4 LGAs that constitute Kwara Central contributed about 130000 votes= 39% & the 5 LGAs of Ilorin Emirate contributed- about 149000 votes =45%. I’ve gone through the arguments and I appreciate all the contributions, all make very good sense and all is patriotic.

The politicians have sensibly and with quality arguments justified their position. In the same vein the liberal are persuaded by their conviction about the necessity for equity, fairness and justice. But the most worthy of note is the pre-emptive assurance by the Chairman of the Transition Committee that, ”this is a technical committee not a vehicle for compensation… It’s not a committee from which the cabinet will emerge ”

Be it as it may, we must consciously strike a balance between over dominance and the incontrovertible leadership position that population bestowed on the local governments that constitute the emirate.

I am actually hoping that we can repudiate the old order of divisional politics and embrace one family politics whereby quality representation matter most so that the more will be the products and dividends of democracy.

“Ise ya!”

Abdulbaqi Jimoh writes from Abuja

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