Kawu Sumaila
Kawu Sumaila

Kawu Sumaila for Deputy Speaker, By Adnan Tudunwada

NEWS DIGEST – As an experience legislator with over a decade of experience in law making, Sulaiman Abdurrahaman Kawu Sumaila has not only succeeded in representing his people but has proved his capacity and competency as one of the best lawmakers Kano has produced in the 5th, 6th and 7th National Assembly in the discharge of his duties.

The former Deputy Minority Leader of the 6th House of Representatives, with series of motions and bills to his credit; a member of the APC Board of Trustees, National Caucus and NEC. Sumaila is one of the best the North has produced in the green chamber. Because of his experience in the legislature, the President in 2015 finds him worth to be appointed as his Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters(House of Representatives).

Turakin Sumaila as fondly called by top associates and natives, with over a decade as member of the House of Representatives not only as a member but a Principal Officer, a former aide and liaison officer between the President and National Assembly, green chamber in particular; Sumaila is the best option for the position of Deputy Speaker. Not only he will protect the interest of his party and the President, he will protect the interest and integrity of Nigerians. He will work hand in hand with the President and further enhance a cordial and superb relationship between the executive and the legislature looking at the worsening relationship of the two arm of government in the 8th National Assembly.

To avoid rift among the two organs and future occurrence, the mistake of allowing disloyal party members as Principal Officers of the 8th National Assembly, there is the need for the party and Mr. President to consider people of high calibre and unalloyed loyalty to the President and the party. There is no any other person with such qualities for the position of Deputy Speaker other than Kawu Sumaila.

A man that not only understand the politics of the National Assembly but is able to know how an effective National Assembly will work with a good cordial relationship with the executive. His appointment as an aide to the President in the NASS has proved that capacity.

If the position of the Deputy Speaker should be zoned to North-West, no one is more qualified for that position other than Turakin Sumaila, all other aspirants are either of questionable loyalty to the President or have switched their loyalty from their godfathers to Mr. President for such an interest but the case is different for Sumaila.

Kawu has been loyal to President Buhari right from the APP and ANPP days, something that has accorded him so much respect from the President in previous years thereafter became appointed as his aide for close to four years.

If my view should be considered as a political commentator, I’m recommending Kawu Sumaila as Deputy Speaker of the 8th House of Representatives because of his wealth of experience in NASS, confidence, vibrancy and accommodative posture of uniting the House and maintaining of a cordial relationship with the opposition.

Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada is a Political Commentator, he wrote this piece from Kaduna.