Acting IGP, Mohammed Adamu

To avoid ‘kasala,’ relate with policemen in Pidgin–PCRU leader Shogunle

NEWS DIGEST–The Head of the Police Complaints Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, has said that, to make for proper understanding, it’s better for Nigerians to speak to policemen in Pidgin whenever they meet the law enforcement agents on the road.

Shogunle had tweeted a clip of the Commander of the Rapid Response Squad, Tunji Disu, who was addressing his men.

In the video, Disu could be heard speaking in a mix of standard English language and pidgin English.

He said, “I am here to discuss the issue of Police killings that are going on in town. I’m sure no one is happy about it here. I’m sure you feel ashamed to put on your uniform and move around town. I’m sure you feel bad about it.

“And don’t forget that these arms we are carrying around was purchased with the money got from members of the community. You know they are paying us to protect members of the public. So, make you no carry that same gun dey kill the members of the public wey we suppose to protect; they can never be happy with us.

“Very few of us dey spoil the name of the police. For God’s sake, why carry gun, cock gun, for where many people dey. Shebi you no forget that thing wey dem teach us for academy or wey dem teach us for Police College? Abi una don forget? Dem talk say, ‘It is better to allow armed robber to escape than to kill one innocent person.”

Shogunle, who expressed support for the RRS boss via his official Twitter handle @YomiShogunle, tweeted, “Nice one. Lagos State will be calm if police chiefs in Lagos do more of this.”

However, in an apparent address to Nigerians, Shogunle added, “For now, don’t go and be speaking Queen’s English with them on the road. For proper understanding, talk to them in Pidgin, another way to avoid kasala.”