#JusticeForMonsura: How police ‘chased’ a young girl, killed her in the presence of elder sister

NEWS DIGEST – On their way home, her elder sister fell. Late Monsura helped her get up and they moved together, upon getting home the police officer followed them inside and shot her in front of her elder sister.

This reporter reports on the case of 18 year-old Monsura, a secondary school girl who was allegedly shot by a police officer in her residence right in front of her elder sister at Ijeshatedo street, Surulere, Itire Ikate Local government of Lagos.

While the #EndSARS protest of October 2020, against police brutality, and other human rights, can’t be forgotten so fast in what looks like a security agency in Nigeria established to sure security, maintain peace and order now acts against the purpose of their existence, it has been, it is and will it continue to be a concern as Nigerians now live in fear of those meant to ensure security?

The Nigeria Police Force is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria usually headed by the Inspector General of Police. The agency has staff deployment across the 36 states of the country, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Despite this, the inspiration behind men of the agency attacking and brutalising citizens of the country remains a ‘mystery’ as they have been seen in several instances rough handling both young and old.

The recent incident of this from the Nigeria Police is the brutal attack and killing of a secondary school girl in Lagos which now adds to the list of people who have not only been harassed, brutalised but killed by men of the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria.

Brutal attack and killing of secondary school girl

In Lagos, on the 10th of September, 2021, the life of yet another Nigerian was cut short by the police.

Monsura Ojuade, before she died in the hands of police officers, was a student of Sanya Grammar School, Lagos state.

It will be recalled that one of the recent killings by Nigeria police officers was the death of Jumoke Oyeleke who was on the 3rd of July, shot dead during the Yoruba Nation protest in Lagos, by the police who opened fire on fleeing demonstrators, shooting indiscriminately into the densely populated Ojota neighbourhood.

The attention of Monsura was drawn to a post on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter by the brother of late Monsura.

The young lady until her death scored 236 marks in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

The brother with the handle @Iris_lens_ shared pictures of Monsura in a tweet  lying dead with a WhatsApp voice note to back it up.

He tweeted:

“This is my sister
Her name is Monsura
She was shot last night by a police officer for no reason
My sister is lying dead
An helpless innocent soulBroken heart
We have no one to get justice for us but we have you
A cry for help
Kindly retweet

Explaining what happened in an interview with our correspondent, Monsura brother, Olumide Ojuade narrates Monsura never had any encounter with the police before she was killed in the presence of her elder sister.

Olumide Ojuade said the police followed them home, break-in and eventually shot Monsura who she and her elder sister were together.

“She was in our mom’s shop at night around 10:40 pm then they noticed police raiding the area. They closed the shop and started running home.

“On their way home her elder sister fell
She helped her get up and they moved together. When they got home the police officer followed them inside and shot her in front of her elder sister,” he said.

When asked if the case had been reported, he affirmed it has and that the Division Police Officer of Ijesha Police Station and the Local Government Chairman came over but said it was an accident on the part of the officer. But why will a police officer break in to meet a family at their residence without a search or arrest warrant is not yet known?

In what he sees as an act of ‘silencing’ the incident, Olumide said nothing is been done and the police have kept silent as they have kept quiet about the case but only promised they’re working towards it and that investigation is going on.

“They’re not doing anything. They just came asked some questions and since then they didn’t say anything,” Olumide Ojuade said.

The reactions of Nigerians to the death of Monsura define an alteration of what the agency was created for.

Some of the replies retrieved from Twitter read:

A Twitter user @ACHIEVER_00, replied saying, “This is disheartening what did we do to deserve this country”

Another user, @zesushv1 said, “Police dey do, military dey do, Bandits dey do, Boko haram dey do, government dey aid. Soon, e no go reach 2 people wey go remain for this death-trap called Nigeria.”

In the same view, @ShexKris sees the force as an enemy. He replied, “It’s only in Nigeria that a policeman on duty will go to a beer parlour to booze with his uniform and still go back to work…. no single discipline at all. They constantly preach that police is your friend yet they keep making innocent people cry… no be enemy be dat?”

While Chris Okafor with the handle @ChrisOkafor11 discerns the inhumane act of the force as one which does not serve humanity. He said, “You don’t recruit miscreants into the police force, subject them to inhuman training and expect them to serve humanity. This senseless madness will continue to happen until we clean up the seismic foundational mess in the system.”

All efforts to speak with the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer seems to validate that the young lady was knocked down by a stray bullet by one of the operatives from Panti Division on an assignment raid to Surulere, Lagos.

According to reports, the unknown law officer who killed Monsura Ojuade has been arrested and detained by the police.

Monsura who was shot on the 10th of September, 2021 gave up the ghost on the 11th of September, 2021 at a hospital after bleeding from the bullet wound.