Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Former Nigerian President

Jonathan speaks on why Nigeria is not progressing

NEWS DIGEST – The former President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has said that Nigeria is where it is today because of its leadership style that puts family and friends, acquaintances over merit, ability and capability to deliver.

Jonathan made the comment while speaking at the Palace of the Emir of Bauchi during a one-day working visit to Bauchi State.

The former President said for someone to be appointed to an office or given a responsibility in Nigeria, they must know someone at the top, adding that the tradition has been drawing the country backwards.

According to Tribune, Jonathan, who was reacting to introductory comments made by Governor Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, said, “Yes, I did not know him when I met him and made him the FCT Minister.

“In Nigeria, we have this tradition where some people feel that some ministries are big and juicy and must be given to a special person or that you have to know someone before you give him a responsibility role or put him somewhere. It is not like that with me, it is not my way of doing things.

“Today is a happy day for me because since I left office, this is the first time I am coming to Bauchi. First, let me use this rare opportunity that I have before the Emir of Bauchi to thank the people of Bauchi for supporting my dear son, you have done very well to support him. It would have been difficult for him to win the election without your support.”

The former President continued, “Bala Mohammed is a good younger brother, he is a good son, even when he was the FCT Minister, he worked with commitment and I gave him a free hand to run the affairs of the FCT. I’ve come to visit him and to commission a project and a road that was even named after me.”