Dr Sanusi Yakubu
Dr Sanusi Yakubu
My Tenure as Provost of CAS Kano is that of Consolidation – Dr Sanusi Yakubu
NEWS DIGEST – In this Interview with News Digest Associate Editor Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada, the provost, College of Education and Preliminary Studies formerly College of Arts Science and Remedial Studies , Dr Sanusi Yakubu spoke about his achievements and how he is sustaining the glory of the College .
News Digest: Upon assumption of Office, What was your first major task? 
Provost CAS: The first day in my office was necessitated by the announcement that His Excellency, Governor Ganduje has appointed me as Provost on the 6th of October 2017.
Barely I have one year and some months, I had to design my plan which was motivated by some five cardinal principle or agenda on which I was willing to achieve before the end of the four year.
It includes the consolidation and activities of the previous Chief executives. We will see that they have made so many efforts to see that the college has moved forward in ensuring that it has reached the level of citadel academic as far as excellence is concern.
I happen to be the 13th head of the College, I ensure that with consolidation all their effort will never be in vain including the Principal when I was a student of the college.
The second agenda is gap bridging, I identified some of the gaps, the law that established the college was in existence since 1985, since then, there was no any amendment of the law.
When I assumed office, i made sure that i ensure a process that will get a new law for the college, law number 5 of the Kano State House of Assembly has ensure that we have a new law in the college that has uplifted the college from a monotechnic to a college of Education. The College name has been changed to Kano State College of Education and Preliminary Studies.
News Digest: The College is now an institution to train teachers as we can see from the new law, CAS could only offer IJMB, Remedials and Diploma in Previous days, what are you doing to upgrade the status of your lecturers?
Provost CAS: It is now a befitting tertiary institution, the second state College of Education in Kano. With this law, so many gaps are going to be reached, the college has been suffering from infrastructural decay, it couldn’t get the attention of TETFUND, NEEDS assessment and so on but with this new law, the college will benefit from different interventions.
This is all achieved during the tenure of Governor Ganduje, as an Educationist, he has given us all the necessary support as a professional teacher. Our NCE students will now have a National Certificate in Education. This is what we are doing to uplift the college.
News Digest: What about the issue of space, considering that you have a large number of Students, IJMB, Remedial and NCE Students, is the space enough for you or there is a need for expansion?
Provost CAS: I came with the motive of expansion, when you look at CAS, it is suffering from a space, if you now upgrade the college from a monotechnic to a college of education, you need more space to run your programmes effectively.
I wrote a letter to the Head of Civil Service to solicit his cooperation to see that we secure the youth development center, because of that and as a promoter of education, he wrote to His Excellency that the space should be given to us and fortunately we were granted that request.
As you can see now, the Youth Development Center has been given to us, now the space is under the auspices of CAS Kano.
News Digest:  Any College of Education is expected to have a Staff School, how far are you on that?
Provost CAS: As far as meeting the requirement of a college of education, i wrote to His Excellency that there is a law that mandate every college of education to have a staff school under the NCE minimum requirement, we requested that our neighboring Commercial School should be given to us under our care and supervision as Staff School. His Excellency approved our request and now that space is under our supervision. Equally, we have to say thank you to His Excellency.
That space has been given since 2004 but no serious government has implement that until this moment, we have also put a request of a space in a rural area, i will not say the space but when we achieve it, i will call you and inform you.
News Digest: What about the glory of CAS Kano in academic excellence, will you be able to sustain that?
Provost CAS: It is part of the glory of Cas Kano that whoever come here wants to succeed not to suffer, we are all students of CAS, we know what we have achieved through the academic excellence portrayed by the college. To ensure academic excellence, i upgraded the examination office to Directorate of Examinations and Academic Records, i also created the Directorate of Alumni and Resource mobilization.
I’m making sure that we ensure academic atmosphere and couple with that the directorate is to advance the status of the college to well meaning Nigerians, it has attracted series of commitments from those that donate drugs, monetary support to ensure that, if you look at the renovated toilets, the common room, this is all part of the development the Directorate for Alumni has brought.
I set up a sanitation committee to see that the college is tidy, coordination of students to see that lectures are promptly taking place, you know how vigilante I’m all the day, to see that lectures take place all the day is part of ensuring academic excellence in the college.
News Digest: What about the abandoned new library building?
Provost CAS: I’ve written to His Excellency over the completion of the E-Library that has been abandoned, His Excellency has given us a mobilization fee of 15 million naira, very soon the remaining funds will be released for the completion of the project. It will be completed very soon and once this is achieved, we will now move to our ICT agenda.
As far as expansion is concern, as far as consolidation is concern, i have gone far. As far as gap bridging is concern i have also gone far. You can see that.
News Digest: IJMB Examination has recently commenced, how prepared are your students?
Provost CAS: The way I’m looking at this exam and the number of students we graduated in the NCE i know we have achieved a lot.
Last year, the performance of our students in physics was 97%, when i came, the performance was very poor but now, the performance is excellent. This year the result of our IJMB will be something to celebrate.
News Digest: What of the NCE Students?
Provost CAS: Whenever our students are on teaching practice, the schools used to call us to commend the performance of our students.
We have received two letters from Nigerian Communication Conission (NCC) that they have supported us with 86 E-Pads, very soon our meetings will be paperless or digital in our academic boards, if you’re not ICT compliance, you cannot move with us, that will also come down to departmental and deanery level.
They are supporting us equally with 100 pieces of laptops, i will use that to create a befitting CBT center not only an IGR center but i will make sure that some of our papers will be computer based test to make sure that we are fully ICT compliance before the end of my tenure.
News Digest: What about the issue of recruiting academic and non academic staff?
Provost CAS: We’re on it, waiting for the approval of His Excellency Dr Abdullahi Ganduje as i have written to him through the office of the Head of Civil Service.
News Digest: When will your staff start enjoying TETFUND grant?
Provost CAS: Very soon, we’ve received the introduction letter from the board, so any moment from now.
News Digest: What is your last message?
Provost CAS: This all could not have been achieved without the support of His Excellency Dr Ganduje, he has given us all the necessary support, i couldn’t have achieved this without his support. So, I’m most grateful to him for that. My staff are always cooperating, i am also grateful and hoping that they will continue to give me their maximum support in moving the college forward.