INTERVIEW: I get my inspiration from the street, things that happen around me – Singer Ugoccie

NEWS DIGEST – Nigerian popular female singer, Favour Ugochi Anosike popularly known as Ugoccie is getting set for the release of her debut Extended Play (EP).

Ugoccie came into the limelight in April 2021 after the recording of her song, “Do you Really like me went viral. Her new single for this year will be released after “Due Time

In this interview with Damilola Olufemi, Ugoccie disclosed she will be amusing her enthusiasts with her first single of the year this February. She explains the challenges faced, upcoming collaborations and her projects coming subsequently.

News Digest: Can you tell us about yourself?

Ugoccie: My name is Favour Ugochi Anosike from Abia state. I was born on the 6th of March in the late 1990s to Mr and Mrs Anosike. I am the first child in a family of six. I have three siblings.

I graduated from the Federal University, Ebonyi State with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

News Digest: How and when did you start music?

Ugoccie: I have always been singing as a child. My dad said I will cram all the nursery rhymes in school and then come home to start singing in my way. He wonders how taught me nursery rhymes like that.

Apparently, it was just normal nursery rhymes in school. Twist them. Sing them the way I felt more comfortable. I started singing as a child but started music commercially in 2019 when I recorded my first song with Duncan Mighty.

Singer Ugoccie

News Digest: Where do you get your inspiration from when you sing?

Ugoccie: I get my inspiration from the street. Every single thing that happens around me, people that speak around me, friends I have. The street inspires me.

News Digest: Initially when you started, what were your parents’ reactions and how were you able to convince them?

Ugoccie: My parents have always been supportive because they knew I was a singer. Even while I was in school, I was still doing choir activities. My parents knew and they did not have a problem with it.

Even when I started music professionally, my parents know my songs. They’ve been amazing.

News Digest: So far, what are the challenges you’ve faced in the music scene and how were you able to survive them?

Ugoccie: The challenges I used to face will have to be people telling me that I do my music more of Igbo and money. People will always want to influence what you do. However, I always subtitle.

And for money, because money is needed to fund it and push it to the next level. The challenge has always been financing and people making it look as if you aren’t doing enough.

It hasn’t stopped but we will keep surviving.

Singer Ugoccie

News Digest: Which of your songs project you to more audience nationwide and when was it recorded.

Ugoccie: The song that projected me more to my audience nationwide would be “Do You Really Like Me”? because it was when I release it that I started getting a lot of attention. It was recorded in April 2021.

News Digest: Your recent song, “Due Time”, tell us what was the reason behind it?

Ugoccie: Due Time is a song I did because I used to be bullied a lot while growing up. I am very petty in nature. So, growing up, I had some girls bully me.

Back then when I was being bullied, I thought it was never going to end but look at what time did. These girls cannot even try to bully me anymore. They can no longer talk to me. I don’t even know where they are.

So, time works on everything. Whatever one is going through, one day it’s going to end. It wouldn’t last forever.

News Digest: Since the music career began, which of your songs gave you the biggest stress?

Ugoccie: None of my songs has ever stressed me except when talking about production.

However, I will say “No Wahala” because finding a producer back then in the East was hard. I had to go to YouTube and start looking for someone to just give me a beat. I had to go to Awka to go and record and all.

News Digest: Are you currently signed into any record label?

Ugoccie: No, I am not signed into any record label. I am just out here doing my thing with my team. We are putting heads together to make things work.

News Digest: Presently, are you open to collaboration from other acts?

Ugoccie: Definitely. Of course, I will like to collaborate with other acts. I want them to tap into me. There are so many talents in Nigeria. I am very open.

News Digest: What should your fans be expecting from you soon – a new single, an EP or an album?

Ugoccie: This year, my fans should expect a new single, an EP and more singles.

I am very excited because it’s going to be my first baby EP. I am so giddy.

News Digest: What do you find fascinating during your leisure time?

Ugoccie: I see a lot of movies when I am bored and I write music content.

News Digest: Any word for your enthusiasts and supporters?

Ugoccie: I love every single person supporting me. Most times I want to cry, Ugoccie wouldn’t be here today without God and them. I love Ugo Army as I like to call them. Thank you for standing with me. I love you so much.

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