The Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has pledged to work with in collaboration with the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN). This joint effort will be to tackle insecurity in the state by ensuring that every part of the state has electricity and to provide adequate energy resources to the people.

The governor gave this assurance, during his recent visit to the management of ECN. A release from ECN Media and Public Affair Office, said the governor’s visit was to establish technical cooperation with the Commission, in order to facilitate the development of energy resource to lighten up Imo State.

The statement went on to say, that the Director General of the Commission, Prof. Eli Jidere Bala, received the governor in his office. Bala made a presentation on ECN’s mandates and activities from inception to date, in his welcome remarks. In addition to this, he listed two mandates of the Commission as they relate to state government, to include “advising the Government of the Federation or a State on issues relating to such aspects of energy, as the government of the Federation or a State and may from time to time refer to it; inquire into and advise the Government of the Federation or of the State on adequate funding of the energy sector, including research and development, production and distribution, as well as to liaise with all international organisations on energy matters such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), World Energy Council (WEC), IRENA, AFREC, UNDP, UNIDO, UK-DECC, IEC, AREI and similar organisations.”

Governor Uzodinma who was pleased with the outcome of his visit to ECN said: “The situation in Nigeria today is very pathetic ranging from the global pandemic to insecurity in the North-East, high crime rate in the South-East, South-South and South-West. In other words, national security problem is not a job that should be left for security agencies alone.”