Idris Deby Itno
Idris Deby Itno

OP-UNEDITED | Idris Deby: The World Has Lost A Warrior, By Ibrahim El-Mu’azzam

NEWS DIGEST – Sad, as it was reported that the Chadian President, L Marshal Idriss Déby Itno has died on the battlefield due to the wounds he got while fighting against Northern rebels according to the army spokesperson General Azem Bemradoua Agouna.

The battle has been going on between the Chadian armies and the rebel group front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) that are based across the Northern frontier with Libya.

Agouna had told Reuters news agency that army troops killed more than 300 fighters and captured 150 on Saturday in Kanem province, about 300km (185miles) from N’Djamena. As reported by Aljazeera.

N’Djamena is the capital and the largest city of Chad, which is the main target of the rebels.

Deby was reportedly wounded on Sunday and was then flown to the capital, 400km away by helicopter. As stated by the Africa report.

On 11th of April, the presidential election took place in Chad, and Idriss Deby happens to be re-elected for 6th term with 79.3% percent of the casted votes. After serving the presidential seat for more than three decades.

He took power from Hissene Habre in December 1990 and won elections in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021.

Deby was expected to give a victory speech after winning his 6th term, but he prefer to join his soldiers at the battlefield. Said his campaign director; Mahamat Zen Bada.

A hero has fallen. Indeed! His life and such of his acts shall serve as lessons to be learned by us and his fellow leaders across the world.

A leader that join his soldiers to face the battle and whatever challenge that might arise in other to restore a peaceful atmosphere in his country. He believe that is the best way to respond as a leader to such menace as his duty. He believe that is the best way to deliver his promises of protecting lives and properties of his people.

As a soldier, how will you not get encouraged by seeing the whole President behind you, you are fighting together? How will you not feel supported and believe to take down whoever is the opposition? How will you get cheated by your seniors? How did you expect this troops to go back seeing there President moving forward? This is Leadership!

A leader that equal himself with the masses by performing a same task at same time, for same purpose with them. Tell me how will they not love him? How will they not continue to re-elect him?

A leader that after his victory of another six years to continue enjoying his seat, instead of him to get engaged into ceremonies of jubilation and celebration, he neglected all that and went for his primary assignment to the battlefield. He believe that such is the thing that will benefit the nation. Not jubilations that will even lead to waste of money to the country on the process. The less than one hour speech self was postponed.

Tell me how will another contestant be of same value to Chadians, with the one that forward their needs above his?

A leader that after gotten injured does not choose to be taken abroad for his treatment. He choose his country’s hospital. To encourage the county’s health personnel. How did you expect others citizens to feel encouraged to fly abroad for their medical checkup(s)? How did you expect the citizens of Chad not believe that they are good and one day they will be among top countries in many aspects including health?

And see how after he was re-elected, in less than ten days, he left the world entirely. It is a lesson to be grasped by all of us, especially leaders that life is temporary, and dead has no notice.

Surely, this is leadership. And it’s supposed to be learnt by many of our leaders today.

Verily, himself, his family and the entire Chad will proud that “Deby of 68 “breathed his last defending the sovereign nation on the battlefield”

I hope his appointed successor also his son Mahamat Deby will continue with such credible attitudes, and render his selfless service to Chad and Chadians even more than his father.

Indeed, the great and commendable characters of Marshall Idriss Deby Itno should be written with the ink of gold and dimond.

May Allah have mercy on him. May him rest in perfect peace. Ameen.

You will be missed Sir.

Ibrahim El-mu’azzam is the Founder and President of Better Future Movement (BEFUM), he writes from Zaria and can be reached through [email protected]