Honourable Tajudeen Adefisoye
Honourable Tajudeen Adefisoye

In the olden times, elections are won on the platter of ideas, track-records and character. They tend to be the prototype of the people’s mandate in government, liberation on the ballot and a reflection of the people’s yearnings for a better society. But in these latter days of our existence, good students of history and Political science are fully aware that propaganda, thuggery and name-calling are now sitting eminently in the place of the former.

Those who contest elections are the most desperate, heartless and cunny. They have specially paid spin doctors, astrologers and gamers whose specification is in the area of machinations, manipulations and ululations. They also stagemanage plays, do unsubstantiated allegations that are meant to instigate emotions, confuse the masses and steal their mandate.

The so-called Peace Accord organized at the feet of the Owa of Idanre would have truly brought peace and not the continual ‘Gbas Gbos’ that welcomed it, especially if it had taken place in the right place and not at the instance of a Kayode Aroloye APC-led local government.

Interestingly, the Chairman considered for the eminent seat of a peacemaker remains notorious for serious partisan loyalty, undue attempts at totally muzzling peace, shooting and eating (via his cronies) the standing students’ union in town. Only these would have disqualified our withdrawn Prince of Peace from pitching confusion and travesty of peace, especially as an Aroloye.

I am a lover of peace and justice. I also encourage bold allegations that are far from being defamatory. I think it is not difficult to fish out individuals working assiduously to truncate the peace we so much enjoy in our federal constituency. The peace we want is not for only Idanre but Ifedore too. Kings from the other town should be present at any peace arrangement between the two candidates contesting to represent us at the House of Representatives and not relatives. The terms of the agreement and its minutes must be given wide publicity.

The incumbent Member of the House of Representatives, Honourable Tajudeen Adefisoye, has leveraged on his pronounced social media presence and danger of single story in witchhunting and calumniating his opponent. He appears to be using the not too pronounced presence of Festus Olanrewaju Akingbaso on the social media against him, especially by intellectually manipulating the minds of his social media followers with sensational stories of an alleged breach of peace.

The peace accord was not breached when the alleged attack was carried out on one of the members of his party, it was breached when he released a public statement to publicly identify with the breach. Such positions him as less respectful of the arrangement and personalities involved in the peace agreement. He also did threaten to encourage jungle justice and self-help, by proceeding to felonically pick these people himself. He forgot to understand that peace is not achieved immediately but piecemeal. Individuals at war cannot become friends suddenly, they need time to heal. They also need consistent sensitization and biddings. That does not mean the agreement has been breached until he breached it.

The electorates must be fully prepared to face the challenge of adequately fighting the mirage of claims forging a bombardment. It must look deeply without being swayed by emotions and lies being peddled in the name of politics and partisan loyalty, against a personality whose silence should not be taken for cowardice. Still and reserved Individuals tend to embody more ideas that will bring the liberation of the collective people. A silent man is a powerful man.

I recommend a serious peace accord and not a family meeting. I also think traditional rulers from every of the towns in the federal constituency should be present. The candidates must be willing to abide by the terms of the agreement by not only maintaining decorum but desisting from doing irredeemable damage to our esteemed reputation and constituency in the social space.

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