I don’t want to marry Nedu again, I need freedom — Nedu Wazobia ex-wife sobs

NEWS DIGEST – Nzoamaka Ohiri, former spouse of popular media personality, Chinedu Ani, popular known as Nedu Wazobia has called on Nigerians to let her ex-husband free her as she is no longer interested in marrying Nedu again.

Recall that the marriage between the duo got smashed after paternity test also referred to as DNA test verified that OAP Nedu is not the dad of the kids given birth to by his wife.

On Tuesday evening, September 7th, Nzoamaka was live conversation on Facebook’s Punch LIVE, to clarify what she has been encountering and shouldering house responsibilities.

In her words as monitored and watched by The News Digest reporter, she said; “I want him to support with bills. For four years, I have been taking care of house rent. I am in debt already. My company has loaned me twice. I need to start offsetting this debt.”

Answering back to if the kids have ever been to Nedu’s place, she ascertained Nedu is always permitted see the kids anytime he wishes until recently she took the kids to stay in the village because of Nedu’s incapacity to look after them.

“Nedu Wazobia has access to the kids before I took them to the village because they no longer have a place to stay in Lagos. If he wants to see his children, he has always had access to seeing them but he doesn’t know where they stay, where they come out from nor their living conditions.”

The live conversation which lasted close to about 6 minutes had Nzoamaka calling on Nedu to take up the responsibilities of catering for his kids who are females.

While answering questions on if the Nedu is having any other kids from another woman aside her, Nzoamaka completely revealed it is none of her neither does she knows if he does but insists that all she cares for is the kids they both knew to be his should be taken care of.

She said, “I need him to get involved with the children — the ones that are his own. He should pay their bills. That is why I am speaking out. I am fighting for my girls. He should come and foot their bills – house rent, medical bills…”

Responding to court order on their marriage and divorce document signed, Nzoamaka categorically said she has not not gotten any from the OAP and she was not ready to talk about that as that was not the reason that brought her to call on the entire nation for help.

“I haven’t seen any papers stating that we are divorced. I haven’t signed any documents. In his heart, I’m his ex and in my heart, he’s my ex. We don’t want each other. We don’t want to be together again but we have something together – we have two girls which he’s to pay their bills. I don’t want him anymore but I need my kids to be okay.”

However, at the moment of publishing this, Chinedu Ani has not replied the statement of his ex-wife, if all what she said against him were true or not.