I just watched a very touching video that makes me so disheartened this morning, the governorship candidate of my party UPC Ibrahim BM Gaya told newsmen yesterday at Kano State Government House that all State Assembly Candidates in Kano under UPC have shelved their ambitions and collapsed their structure to support Governor Ganduje.

This is a blatant lie, myself and many other contestants are still in the race and have not collapse any structure to support governor Ganduje. We were neither contacted nor consulted over this, he did it solely and I’m assuring my people that we will never allow it like that. I will not sell this candidature for the meager amount i will be given, my candidature is for young people, i will not betray their trust on me. I will not sell my integrity for the interest of my future, young people and my unborn children. I will fight in this race until we claim the mandate of young people.

While I’m urging all my supporters to remain calm, i will use this opportunity to draw the attention of Amb. Ibrahim B M Gaya that what he has done to us is an act of blackmail, sabotage and unacceptable. It is an insult to young people that have committed themselves in this struggle.

After i spent almost three million in this race, why will someone just come and use our name by collapsing our structure to support Ganduje after we committed our energy and available resources in the race? Why will this come now? And at a time I’m costing to victory.

I will take all necessary actions after i consult my lawyers, this will never go scot free.

I wrote this in tears..

Thank you.

Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada
UPC State House of Assembly Candidate
Nasarawa Constituency.