How Salihu Mustapha can clinch APC National Chairmanship position

NEWS DIGEST – Politics, they say, is local. The aspiration of Mallam Salihu Mustapha to become the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC should begin from Kwara state. I’m glad the APC stakeholders in Kwara State have endorsed Mustapha’s ambition for the position and that shows he has done his homework.

No doubt he is a credible candidate that can compete with other contestants from any other states within North Central Zone, if eventually APC zones the National Chairmanship position to North Central. He is not a novice when it comes to politics. He was a member of ANPP, also former National Deputy Chairman of Congress for Progressive Change, CPC.

Essentially, Mallam Salihu Mustapha has contributed to the growth and development of humanity in Kwara State and beyond. His foundation, has touched many lives of downtrodden positively. Many unemployed youths have received succour from Salihu.

In 2019 when he came out to contest for Governor of Kwara state under All Progressive Congress APC, he should have carried the day but the power play scuttled his ambition at the twilight of APC Governorship primary. In spite of this, Mallam did not relent, because one cannot rule out the fact that he is the most celebrated President Buhari’s face in Kwara state. He has been a committed member of Buhari support organisation for many years.

Mallam as a matter of fact should lobby the presidency and his state Governor Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. The reason is, Presidency will like a candidate that shares the philosophy of Buhari’s administration, which is focal to economy, security and infrastructural development. They will also like to throw their weights behind a candidate that will galvanize the party. In all of these two requirements Salihu Mustapha is a goal. Mallam requires the support of his state’s Governor because of power play dynamism.

More Importantly, Inclusiveness is key in running any political party in the world, hence Salihu Mustapha should reach out to APC Governors by articulating his vision and mission to them. He should plead to them if necessary.

Mallam Salihu should form a committee that will reach out to APC stakeholders across the country with the mandate that grassroots are viable. The Committee should also endeavour to communicate to  the stakeholders that Salihu Mustapha is not out for contest but to appeal to them.

Some may regard Salihu Mustapha as a candidate that will be going to the convention as an underdog, but I honestly disagree. His political tentacle also spreads across the country, because of his commitment to politics that is devoid of acrimony and poverty.

At this stage of our National history APC needs a National Chairman that will change the narrative by repositioning the party and correcting the impression of some Nigerians who felt the party has not fulfilled all promises they made in 2015.

Some even believed that the #EndSARS protest was as a result of poor governance by the APC, while some would say it was politically motivated. Whichever way APC’s fate cannot be determined by naysayers. So Salihu must know this and work on it. This is required to make the party formidable ahead of 2023 general elections. He will provide a robust leadership that will make the party to flourish. Salihu is a man of few words but pragmatic.