#FindBoluwatife: How missing Boluwatife Adegoke was found — Mom narrates ordeal

NEWS DIGEST – A 14-year-old girl, Boluwatife Adegoke, who was missing on Friday, April 30, 2021 has been found.

Confirming her return, her mom in a phone conversation with our reporter in the early hours on Monday, May 3, 2021 said, “I have seen her. She was found at Tinubu area this morning. I was about setting out to search for her when I heard my name called towards her presence.”

News Digest had earlier reported how Boluwatife was missing, after her mom sent her an errand.

Explaining the safe return of the teenager, Mrs Folashade who happens to be her mom made it known that she wasn’t at the mosque, rather she has been walking around the streets.

“Some men told us she had been walking around those places (Tinubu area in Lagos), with same cloth on her. I personally don’t know what might have happened too her but all she (Boluwatife) said was someone called her from the ATM. Eventually, she lost the money and my ATM.”

In her message received by our reporter, “I’m sure you all are waiting to hear the news about how Bolu was found. She wasn’t at the mosque since on Friday. She has been walking around the streets.”

She made it known that some people had seen her in some places while the search was on.

She made it known that it was with the help of someone who know her where she begging for money, that she was found.

“They said Bolu was found at Tinubu early this morning as she was asking for money to eat. Someone who know her told them not to give her that she know her parents,” Boluwatife’s mom said.

In a phone conversation had with our reporter, she was excited, happy and thanking God for the safe return.

“I was really confused but I’m blessed I found her alive and safe,” she said.