Health experts want more funding for Routine Immunisation

NEWS DIGEST – Healthcare practitioners have called on the Federal Government to prioritize funding of routine immunization, RI, under the Primary Health Care Under One Roof, PHCUOR, policy.

This assertion was made by the President, National Association of Community Health Practitioners of Nigeria, NACHPN, and [email protected], a non-governmental organization during the 24th Annual Scientific Conference in Katsina state on Thursday.

The annual conference, which brings together community health practitioners across the country to discuss health challenges, was this year themed: “Containing the spread of emerging communicable diseases in Nigeria.”

According to the Senior Technical Advisor to [email protected], Emmanuel Abanida, part of the conference’s underlying motive was to facilitate discussions for the government to prioritize the engagement of many, efficient health workers that have adequate knowledge in the revitalised primary healthcare centres across the country.

NEWS DIGEST reports that [email protected] is a health accountability reinvestment project that strengthens the capacities of indigenous civil society organisations to hold policy decision-makers to deliver on their financial commitments to the people, especially the poor and most vulnerable.

To this end, Mr Abanida revealed that his organisation is partnering with NACHPN to strengthen their advocacies and provide them with evidence-based researches.

The technical adviser said that the partnership covers four areas, “Primary Health Care Under One Roof, PHCUOR, Routine Immunisation, Family Planning, and Child Killer Diseases/pneumonia & diarrhea.”

Mr Abanda, therefore, challenged community health practitioners in the country to make themselves relevant through continuous education and training in order to become relevant in the nation’s healthcare delivery system.

Also speaking, the National president of NACNPN, Akor Ekechukwu Jude, lamented the inaccessibility of healthcare services in the remote and rural areas of the country.

He said the challenges can only be addressed using competent community health practitioners

Mr Jude pointed out that it was on that basis that his association decided to partner [email protected] in order to improve healthcare service delivery to Nigerians.

He, therefore, frowned at the decision of the federal government to engage community health influencers and promoters despite having hundreds of thousands of trained but unemployed community health practitioners in the country.

The president, however, described as unfortunate the critical human resources gaps created as a result of little or none engagement of his members in the growth and development of the country’s healthcare system.

He then commended [email protected] for the continuous support to the nation’s healthcare delivery systems, describing such efforts as unprecedented.

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