Hajiya Maryam Aladi
Hajiya Maryam Aladi

Hajiya Maryam Aladi: Here comes the new dawn for Ilorin South constituency

NEWS DIGEST – Compassion. Empathy. Generosity. These are the sort of virtuous badges on the person of Hajiya Maryam Yusuf Aladi. The sort of badges every Nigerian should be looking for on those that will be elected to represent them in parliament come 2023.

Over Nigeria’s Democratic journey and history, it’s legislative hallowed chambers has not enjoyed in the hearts of the people an equally hallowed sentiment. Most people don’t believe that their representatives in the National Assembly or in the various States assemblies care about the people they represent. Much ado about the salaries and allowances of those who sit as our lawmakers across the national and state levels, is not at all what one can dismiss as frivolous rambling of mass hysteria.

Indeed, It is just not right that these people receive these bogus amounts of money for doing next to nothing, yet that is what obtains as of today’s status quo. A reality that will not change anytime soon. However the situation though, Nigerians can still hope to make the best of it if the right people are voted into the legislature. This is why it does seem like for Ilorin South state constituency, in 2023, perhaps cometh the year, cometh the woman.

Nigerians at this moment are critically impoverished. Without euphemisms that is the truth. The people we elect in 2023 must have philanthropic vouchers to tender. In the past, when preaching my gospel about everyone endeavouring to have a PVC so as to exercise their franchise, so as to have a say, I have always emphasized that part of the problem is that voters do not pay specific attention to the quality of the people they vote into the legislature. People usually just let undeserving individuals represent them as lawmakers.

This comes about because partisan allegiances take precedence. There is also the fact that the focus is usually on the Presidential or Governorship aspirants. Due to this myopic negligence, the other contestants on the ballot for legislative seats usually just benefit vicariously or as can also be the case, lose out vicariously since it can also swing the other way unfortunately.

I believe that should not be the case. I have heard it said that one person can change the world. It doesn’t lie at the tip of my pen to write that this is a lie but I’d rather paint a picture that says we need everybody on board to make a telling difference. Democracy is expensive, yet it is the most widely accepted modus operandi of governance. The motive of democracy is inclusivity. Letting everyone have a say, directly or indirectly. This inclusive onus lies mostly with the legislature. It is the institution that bears the burden of linking the grassroots to governance.

Can you just imagine if we have people in the National Assembly or the states houses of assembly who have the interest of the people at heart. Elected representatives who can start to justify their massive constituency allowances because they can show receipts of impact on the people they represent.

People who passionately fight against food deprivation for their constituents, people who can’t sleep at night knowing that some of the children of the families they represent have no money to send their wards to school. People who believe that they’re a failure when their constituents don’t have access to clean water to drink, adequate primary health care centers, roads and other basic amenities.

Can you imagine a Nigeria where in specific pockets of the society at large, the members of parliament are all working in unison to achieve this noble goal of responsible representation, we will have a country where things are working because those fat constituency allowances will be put to effective use. People will care less about who is the Governor or President because the legislature as an institution being full of the right individuals, who enjoy the confidence of the people, will adequately check executive impunity.

One aspirant with a record of the sort of social interventions that should ordinarily be the bread and butter of every member of parliament is Hajiya Maryam Yusuf Aladi. She has never held a political office, but she has done more than some political veterans can boast of having ever done. Her impending surgeon into politics is the result of what I would call natural selection rather than an exercise to actualise a lifelong ambition. It’s just a square peg heeding the calls of a square hole.

Her history of grassroots interaction is nothing short of impeccable. To mention but a few, in August 2022, Fufu community of Ilorin South breathed a sigh of relief as Hajiya Maryam Yusuf Aladi came to their aid by rehabilitating a borehole to provide water for the people. On 3rd of August 2022, she donated huge sums of money to the APC in Akanbi ward III and also provided special support fund to 5 widows in the ward. She replicated the gesture at Balogun Fulani ward I.

A more telling contribution to the lives of Hajiya Maryam Yusuf’s constituents include her scholarships to 480 Kwara children across over 30 schools and 11 wards of Ilorin South LGA. Hajiya Maryam Yusuf Aladi’s philanthropic exploits are far too large and too numerous to compress into an article. The aim of this cursory effort is to invigorate the appetite so that further searchlight is beamed into her endeavours and then there will arise the satisfaction to such healthy curiosity as should be the case for any aspirant that intends to convince prospective voters.

The people of Ilorin South state constituency have a crucial decision to make in 2023, so that the grim reality of its people can start to change for the better. Hajiya Maryam Yusuf Aladi is definitely the one. What she proposes is a beautiful dawn that follows the retreating night.

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