Google has made public its plans to help businesses, job seekers, educational institutions and vulnerable populations with $3 million in grants, as they try to settle in with the “new normal”. This is being done as part of rebuilding and recovering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, locally and across the African continent.

Google’s initiatives will address the need for funding, training and services across sectors, including support for 500,000 SMBs and 25,000 teachers; $500,000 of the money is going towards a grant to the Praekelt Foundation, which is a software development non-profit that builds open source mobile technologies and solutions that improve the health abd wellebing of the less privileged. This will be done in order to train micro and small businesses in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Google will also be providing communities and job seekers with $750,000 in IT support scholarships through, as part of its efforts to help job seekers acquire new skills, while looking for opportunities in the job market. Google’s Training portal will also be open to aiding job seekers grow in their careers or businesses, at their individual paces, via flexible and personalised training courses.

Google is also working on something for teachers and educational institutions, in accordance with its partners in Africa. Google for Education will be used to help deploy its suite for education products in schools and help 500,000 students to continue learning.