Yesterday, I discovered that murders have been occurring close to my home, since February, 2020.

A man by the name Anthony Ndubuisi was apprehended by the Rivers State Police (Anti-Kidnapping unit) on Tuesday June 30th, 2020 for the murder of four people.

Ndubuisi has been carrying out the gruesome act in his compound, where he strangles his victims and drops their bodies in his septic tank. He is from Ngor Okpala, in Imo State, but resides in Umuebule, Etche, River State.

Ndubuisi sells shoes in the Garrison area of Port-Harcourt, which is where he meets his victims and then lures them to his home.

In his confession to the police he said: “I sell shoes at Garrison, but I live with my family in Etche. I get the people I killed by telling them to bring shoes to my house. When they bring it, I will tell them to sit down.

“When they have sat down, I will go behind their back and strangle them to death. I have been doing this since February this year. When I kill them, I collect the shoes they brought and also their money after which I dump them inside the septic tank in my compound. I have killed four persons since I started. My wife doesn’t see me because she goes to the market. No one else sees me because I live alone with my family in this compound. It is my house.”

The scariest part of this incident, is that I live very close to Umuebule, and to think I may have passed this murderer on the street, is absolutely terrifying.

The murderer is now in police custody. Below is a gruesome image of his most recent victim, Mr Ajumiene Offor.

Offor was lured from Aba to Ndubuisi’s house for a business transaction but was kidnapped and killed on June 9, this year. His decomposing body was brought out of the septic tank by the police.