The Lagos State Government has directed all major and independent petroleum marketers operating along major roads in the State to open between 9am and 4pm on weekdays.

The government warned any operator who refuses to comply with the directive henceforth would be heavily sanctioned.

The directive, according to the government, is to help reduce the impact of their activities on the traffic situation, which continues to worsen as the scarcity of the essential commodity lingers.

Lagos Commissioner of Transportation Dr Frederic Oladeinde directed all independent and major oil marketers with retail outlets on major roads within the metropolis of Lagos to comply with the directive.

Oladeinde said the 9am to 4pm order would be sustained until the fuel shortage crisis subsides.

He added that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), Transport Operations Compliance Unit (TOCU) and other Law Enforcement Agencies have been charged to ensure seamless flow of traffic across the State.

He warned all major and Independent Petroleum Marketers to comply with the directive or be sanctioned.