Enitan Bakare, the actress who played Miss Tolotolo in the popular TV sitcom Papa Ajasco, is once again seeking financial assistance to resume her cancer treatment. She had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer

Bakare, who has been fighting the cancer since 2020, thanked the public for their previous support. However, she recently suffered a relapse and now urgently requires additional financial assistance. Bakare told The Nation she needs to resume chemotherapy sessions as soon as possible to prevent the disease from taking her life.

“I am appealing for help on all fronts. The pain is getting unbearable. I recently had rigour during blood transfusion and it almost cost me my life, so I decided to boost my blood till I’m good for another session. Right now, I’m due but I don’t have any money. I need money to remove the lumps that have grown again, so I can recommence my chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As a woman, I don’t want to cut off my second breast, but if that is the only way out, I just want to live.

“My account number is: Enitan Bakare Access Bank: 1600249088. God bless you as you reach out,” she said.