Youths Digest: Ramadan Is Here 


As the holy month of Ramadan begins, we urge all our Muslim brothers and sisters to uphold the virtues of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and noble teachings of Islam. 
We  appeal to the affluent to give out to the needy, who are fasting this would make them feel better. The Muslims should avoid anything that would affect their fast in this holy month of Ramadan, like unnecessary arguments and bickering that could void their fasting.
Muslims should dedicate themselves with charity activities and reading of the holy Quran to acquire the blessing of Allah in this month of Ramadan.
Prayers in this holy month would go a long way to ensure unity, mutual understanding between the different religious groups in the country.
May Allah accept our ibadat in this holy month of Ramadan and bring peace, progress and development in all facets of our lives.


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