E-Learning To Reduce Mass Failure Says Experts


Teslys Integrated Concept Limited, an educational technology/solution and affiliate service firm, has recently explained that electronic leaning solutions would create more room for students’ to improve they overall performance, and further reduce repeated cases of mass failure, during public tests or examinations.

Moshood Olaide Adetela, the principal official of the company, stated that teaching in public and private s tools in Nigeria, could easily be improved by integrating technology in the education sector. From his point of view, these new technologies would create an expanded learning experience for students, improve they concentration and participation, as well as aid in producing higher performance during examinations.

Adetela state that the presence of such technology has made teaching a lot easier for teachers, enabling them become more creative with the delivery of their lessons. He also said, that with the increase direction of students in the feedback mechanism of everyday lesson, via questions and answers that are founded on 100% participation, ensures no student in left behind during class activities.

“Educators are able to gauge the impact of understanding amongst students for every lesson delivered, thereby encouraging a repeat of lessons that do not meet the critical mark that is set by each school,” Adetela said.

He added, that innovative educational products would be displayed at this year’s edition of Total School Support Seminar & Exhibition (TOSSE), organised to hold on the 2nd and 3rd of June, in Lagos state.


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