Doga Family
Doga Family

Again, Family demands justice for brother arrested in Warri refinery but found dead days later

NEWS DIGEST – The reason and who is responsible for the death of Abdullahi “Doga” Alfa remains unknown nearly six months since he was found dead on Ejule-Aloma road in Kogi state.

Doga, a 43-year-old male from Ankpa local government, died from gunshots to his chest while his hands were tied behind his back, says a petition presented to the Inspector General of Police in March.

Abdullahi “Doga” Alfa
Abdullahi “Doga” Alfa

In a new petition on August 3rd, Doga’s brother, Hussain Alfa, requested the reassignment of the case to a different police unit, citing “lost confidence” in the ability of the Commissioner of Police, Force Criminal Investigation Department, to see that justice is done.

“[The Commissioner] told us that since we have not brought the soldiers we alleged arrested Doga, on the instigation of Alhaji Kabir, leading to his murder, we should leave his office or if dissatisfied, direct our petition to the Chief of Army Staff,” said Hussain.

“We felt that something must have gone wrong […] because it is the responsibility of the Police to reach out and liaise with the army authorities to fish out the soldiers that carried out the arrest or at least unravel evidence to the contrary.”

A police officer working with the FCID homicide department in Abuja simply identified as ASP Keffas, told the News Digest that “the case is under investigation.”

Doga’s arrest at Warri refinery

Hussain demands an investigation of Doga’s master, Alhaji Kabir Usman, who he says invited Doga to the Warri refinery for business three days before he was found dead. According to Hussain, an eye witness at the refinery had called him to inform of his brother’s arrest by soldiers on the order of Alhaji Kabir.

Abdullahi “Doga” Alfa
Abdullahi “Doga” Alfa

The eyewitness, Samuel, identifies Alhaji Kabir as a nice man who is given to charity. “I was told he [Doga] was arrested because he was involved in kidnapping,” Samuel said.

“It is expected that once an arrest is made, the suspect should be handed to the police for proper investigation,” he added.

Hussain, who left for Warri after receiving the news of his brother’s arrest, said a soldier in the 3rd Battalion confirmed his brother’s arrest to him at the refinery.

“One of the soldiers confided in us that truly there was an arrest of such a young man of our description but that since around 5am in the early hours of the morning, the young man had been taken away by soldiers but they would not know to what destination,” he said.

Attempt to reach Alhaji Kabir proved futile, said Hussain, who was told by Musa, one of Alhaji Kabir’s worker, that he “had travelled to Lagos and would not be back until after about 2 months.”

Left with the feeling that they had exhausted their options, Hussain resulted to leave for his home in Lokoja, and while travelling home, received a call that his brother, Doga, was found dead in Lokoja with gunshots to his chest, his car keys beside him but without his telephone.

Hussain and his family continue to demand the investigation of soldiers from the 3rd battalion, Warri, Delta state to establish any connection to the murder of their brother.

“In the circumstances, we passionately appeal for the intervention of the Inspector General of Police in re-assigning our petition to any of the relevant teams under the Office of the Inspector General of Police, for proper investigation,” Hussain petitioned.

Attempt by this reporter to gather Alhaji Kabir’s side of the story were futile.