Rapper Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz has opened up on his marital status and why he’s still single at 33.

He recently disclosed that he is exercising caution to avoid getting married to the wrong person in an interview with Naija 102.7 FM, Lagos.

Falz stated that, in spite of the pressure from his parents—especially his father, Femi Falana—he is resolved to take his time.

He said: “I’m not yet married. I’m single to stupor. My dad expresses concern over my marital status daily. If I greet my dad good morning, he would say the morning will be good if you were married.

“Both my mum and dad are deeply concerned about my status, although my dad pressures me the most. My mum is a bit calm now. It seems like she has passed the baton to my dad. No one can pressure me into getting married, not even my dad”.

He mentioned that his last serious relationship was during his university days, and his celebrity status makes it challenging to find a compatible partner.

Falz emphasised that he’s not under pressure to get married, and his focus is on finding the right person by being careful and patient in his search for a meaningful relationship.

“Currently, I’m not dating anyone. I’m a straight man. I like women. But for a while now, I haven’t experienced a serious relationship. I was still in the university the last time I had a serious relationship.

“My lifestyle as a celebrity is difficult to find someone to commit to. Also, there are a lot of happenings in the industry that make having a booming career and a healthy relationship seem difficult. So because of that, I’m trying to be careful. There’s no issue. I’m just trying to be careful”, he added.