“I sincerely thank the good people of Bassa/Jos North and all those that supported us toward our victory. My aim and only priority now is to put in my best to deliver the critical assignment entrusted on me by Almighty Allah through my people by ensuring that my constituents irrespective of religion or tribe get the best they deserve in terms of representation”.

The above view was expressed by Hon. Gwani Muhammad Alkali, member representing Bassa/Jos North Federal Constituency while addressing party supporters, excos, stakeholders and his constituents at his Jos resident immediately after his swearing-in.

Many commentators- most especially those from Jasawa social media wall- engage in private discussions and even tea joints analysis. They have expressed their different opinions on the exalted seat of Bassa/Jos North federal House of Representatives. To some, the time frame is too short for the newly lawmaker to make an impact, others opine that he will use the office for his second term bid. This is in addition to so many stories that have been built around him which foster criticisms.

With just few month in the National Assembly, he has so far demonstrated some good leadership qualities. We can see how he has been contributing toward supporting Bill and motion presented before the house by his Honorable colleagues, apart from the one he recently sponsored. He equally managed to get himself into many committees just to attract developmental projects to his people.

This is aside from distributing hundreds of Rice and other foods items to support our Christians brothers and sisters during Christmas and New year celebrations. On top of that, he recently trained and empowered more than 200 of his constituents and support them with cash grant of 20,000 naira to boost their businesses.

This further proved how visionary Gwani is. Infact, it Is the vision that made him quickly realise the gap that existed in his constituency and immediately act to fixed the loopholes.

I was reading a debate online by some of his constituents alleging that Gwani has an edge over other contestants within the Jasawa folks vying same seat on the premise that he has “National legislative experience over them”. Indeed, going by the hierarchy it is true. To further support the argument this is what the National Assembly entails;

Life in the National Assembly is a learning process. The more you sit, the more you acquire experience. The more experience you acquire, the higher your chances of heading various committees, thereby enhancing your reputation in the House, and significantly contributing to developmental projects in your constituency.

But when you are there as a new member, it will take time before you find your bearing. One has to learn the workings of the house which consists of politicking, among others. Furthermore, one has to learn about the committees in the house, the ones to belong, how to make laws, and how to represent the interest of your constituents. One has to learn how to propose a bill, move a motion, debate issues, amongst others.

It does not stop at that. There are also demands from people back home; the tasks which should ordinarily be taken care of by the executives. They expect you to build schools, construct roads, build hospitals, secure jobs, empowerment programmes among others. How could a first termer manage all these?

With how fast Gwani is going, I think there is no any other experience better than this. And I also we stand to benefit more from him in that position than changing the narratives.

Don’t judge me wrong please, my point is his current status would automatically change from not only been a member of various committees to chairman or even a higher position than this. If you are doubting me, make a research on those principal officers currently occupying juicy positions in the National Assembly and you will agree with me.

If Hon. Gwani, within this short period of time and with the little resources he has at his disposal can achieved this feat, we can be much better if we consider this humble, responsible and indefatigable man for another term.

Twenty twenty three here we are. “Lets do it Again”.

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