Cynthia Morgan’s name has been all over social media, radio stations and news sites, ever since she opened up about her issues with former record label, Northside Entertainment.

The artist has made many allegation against her former manager and Jude Okoye.

Jude Okoye recently addressed the issue, in an interview with Tunde Ednut, which lasted for an hour and it attracted a high number of views (22,000 viewers), which included other celebrities such as Davido, Peter Okoye and many others.

Below are the points Jude Okoye made:

  • His contract with Cynthia Morgan expired in 2017. The music executive said, he never wrote her contract, she and her (former) manager, Joy, prepared the contract and he only gave them letterhead and signed. He promised to send the document to Tunde Ednut.
  • He has nothing to do with her change of name or social media platforms. He said she personally decided to change her name to ‘Madrina’.
  • He invested N40m in her and didn’t make it all back, because she left the record label before her contract expired.
  • When asked about PSquare, he said nothing humanly possible (within his control or ability) can bring the duo back, and he’s done trying. Jude revealed that he hasn’t spoken or seen his brother, Peter Okoye, since 2017.
  • Talking about May D, Jude Okoye said the music star asked for incentives, and he wondered why he asked because he already gave him a hummer, a house and allowed him to shop on his card.