Dubai hospital to separate Nigerian conjoined twins free of charge

NEWS DIGEST – The Global Initiative for Peace Love and Care, GIPLC, says a Dubai hospital has offered to separate Nigerian conjoined twins free of charge, following an appeal by the humanitarian organization.

The conjoined twins, Hassana and Hussaina, were born triplets.

While one of the triplet is separate, the two are sharing the same stomach and vital organs.

The Dubai hospital had earlier put the bill for the surgery to separate the girls at over $300,000, while another hospital in London proposed £896,000 as a bill for the operation.

But after assessing the case, the Dubai hospital offered to do the surgery free.

Writing on his Facebook page, the National Coordinator of GIPLC, Nuhu Fulani-Kwajafa, disclosed that the hospital offered to do the surgery for free on humanitarian grounds.

He said: “Following consultations with various doctors in the UK and Dubai (UAE), we are made to understand that Hassana and Hussaina’s case is the first of it is kind, and a surgical procedure to separate them would cost over $300,000.

“So, after weeks of discussions with a hospital in Dubai (UAE), they have offered to do the surgery for free on humanitarian grounds.

“In fact, their Chairman has a keen interest in the case, and has also offered to send a team of doctors to Nigeria to accompany the family back to UAE; for a projected 9 months post-surgery stay for close observations to complete recovery. The surgery will be conducted by Doctors from Italy, USA and the UAE.”

According to Mr Kwajafa, Hassana and Hussaina’s parents are a poor family from a village near Zaria, and can hardly feed themselves.

“When the triplets were born in Zaria, they were kept at the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital, Zaria, for eight months with the hospital not knowing exactly what to do with them, until GIPLC interfered.

“During one of GIPLC’s fund drives for the family’s upkeep at Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital where they have been for the past three months (and where most of the tests on the conjoined children w`14442ere conduct ed), Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner for Kaduna State Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, sent N600,000 for their care, and promised to be involved in their surgery.

“Governor Nasir El-Rufai also promised to do something when the bills are out for the surgery,” Mr Kwajafa disclosed.

The GIPLC national coordinator, therefore, solicited for funds to transport the conjoined sisters and their family to Dubai and for their feeding and housing in Dubai.

He said, non-surgery expenses like drugs, scan and other tests will cost $15,000, while the cost for securing international passports for five persons will consume about N250,000.

Other expenses, according to him, included Visas for seven persons: N2.8m, this is just as flight tickets and accommodation for nine months for the seven persons are estimated at N5.6million, N14million respectively.

According to him, feeding and other logistics will also consume N14.4million and N14.56million respectively.

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