Prof. Stephen Onah, the Director/Chief Executive, National Mathematical Centre (NMC) has tasked female students to brace up to the challenge of learning mathematics.

In an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja, he said students should be confident to scale through the seemingly difficulties of the subject.

“Nobody is made for any particular subject; God made all of us equal and has endowed us with equal opportunities.

“So I want to encourage the young girls that there is no reason to have fear of learning mathematics and that mathematics is like any other subject in the general sense of knowledge.

“All it takes is for a child, particularly a girl-child, to believe in herself that she is capable of doing whatever any other person including boys can do.

“And once they challenge themselves to that level and they accept that they have capacity and capability they will be as good as any other person that they always imagine.

“It is very important for them to have confidence in themselves that is the word I have always given, self confidence in all the subjects including mathematics. It is one of the great points of breaking through.

He noted that mathematics was very easy to learn and understand, ones the students believe that they could do it.

Onah said that the Centre has taken up the task of encouraging the female students of Junior Secondary School in the learning of mathematics.

“It’s an innovative way of trying to bring the girl-child into picture on the learning of mathematics and particularly put emphasis on the girl-child.

“And so we made a proposal on how we want to catch them young, identify them at every early age and now develop a means of encouraging them further.

“So at that point we worked out series of contest, series of examination that will help us identify those that have the potential to learn mathematics and also see how we can encourage them develop their interest.

“ So far, I can say so well because I can say the programme is going as planned; three stages of examination.

‘’First stage has been done across the country, all over the states of the federation including FCT; second stage has also been done after some elimination, now we are in the third and final stage. ‘’

He said the Olympiad model of contest was being followed and the examination was a little higher than the junior secondary level where the students were being selected from.

Onah said this was because the Centre wanted to know the students who actually have the potential to learn mathematics. (NAN)