Despite Nigerian government’s threat, CNN drops second report on Lekki shooting

NEWS DIGEST – The Cable News Network, CNN, has today released its second report on the Lekki shootings of October 20—hours after the Federal Government wrote to the Network to protest “disinformation” in its first investigative report.

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, on Monday, wrote to Jonathan Hawkins, VP (Communications), CNN Centre, to seek remediation for the “selective use of unverified social media videos to manipulate public opinion.”

CNN’ report argued that the CCTV footage from the Lekki Toll Gate—played at Saturday’s judicial panel hearing—validated its story that the Nigerian army shot at protesters, gathered at the Toll Gate.

The network’s report also took aim at a social media footage submitted by the Nigerian Army at Saturday’s hearing which had eyewitness say, “they are shooting at protesters.”

The footage, according to CNN, was the same video it geo-located and was shot from the Oriental Hotel in Lekki at the time of the shooting.

Army Spokesperson, Brigadier Ahmed Taiwo, told the eight-person judicial panel that soldiers at the toll-gate, for their protection, carried live bullets in case they were attacked but fired only blank ammunitions.

CNN maintain that live ammunitions were used at the toll-gate, “based on analysis carried out by ballistic experts and conversations with military sources.”

In Monday’s letter to the CNN Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the Minister wrote “It is also interesting that while CNN obtained footage showing when the vehicles carrying soldiers left their barracks and arrived at the Lekki Toll Gate, it could not obtain any footage showing the bodies of those supposedly killed in the massacre.”

The Federal Government also threatened to use measures within the laws of the country to stop CNN from “aggravating, the #EndSARS crisis, with unprofessional, irresponsible, one-sided, inciting and sensational reporting that is capable of pitting Nigerians against themselves and setting the country on fire.”