Days after Lai Mohammed’s complaint, another chieftain allege manipulation in Kwara APC registration

NEWS DIGEST – The leadership of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Kwara has been accused, yet again, of attempting to manipulate the party registration in the state to serve parochial interests.

Mr Hakeem Lawal, son of late governor Mohammed Lawal, had gone to his Magaji Aare ward in Ilorin to revalidate his membership only to find that party members were not accorded the same respect he got in line with the party registration guidelines.

When he got to his polling unit, he filled the registration booklets, but in asking the registration officers to register others, they told him that they were instructed “not to register people at the polling units except via foolscap booklets.”

“I then asked them rhetorically as to how I will register when my people are not allowed to register!” Lawal said.

Irked by the disenfranchisement of party members, Lawal took issues with the registration officers.

“You can’t give me registration slip and refuse to register my people, if you don’t register them, keep your registration slip!” Lawal told the registration officers. “I walked away without receiving the registration slip, as it wasn’t morally right for me to take it.”

Mr Lawal deems it a sad situation that intending members are refused from registering with the party while non-existent names are generated by the leadership to fill up the party registers. Mr Lawal also finds the use of INEC registers in other polling unit a flagrant abuse of the party’s registration guidelines.

Lawal’s claim of gross manipulation came on the heels of Lai Mohammed’s demand that the APC registration exercise in Kwara be cancelled.

Lai, the Minister of Information, called a press conference last Monday to complain about the registration exercise conducted in his Oro hometown. He accused the registration committee of treating with disregard the guidelines that would have ensured a credible and fair exercise.

No sooner had Lai demanded the cancellation of the registration exercise than Yekini Nabena, Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, accused him of been selfish and trying to undermine the survival of the party ahead of the 2023 general elections.