Chelsea Football Club will create a fan advisory board, FAB, to “engage in discussion, exchange information and share insights” on matters affecting supporters, the Premier League club said on Wednesday.

The club said this has come as they look to step up engagement with fans.

In June, Premier League clubs agreed on a plan to improve the league’s “collective offer for fans.”

This included the introduction of Fan Advisory Boards and the development of a “Fan Engagement Standard”.

Chelsea said the FAB would be made up of six supporters.

Three places are reserved for “Supporter Advisors to the Board” and three places will be going to supporters selected through an open application process.

“… the FAB will engage in discussion, exchange information and share insights on potential decisions that impact Chelsea FC supporters,” Chelsea said in a statement.

“The focus will be on the club’s strategic vision and objectives, as well as medium and long-term decision-making.

“The FAB will meet at least three times a year with Chelsea FC board members, with additional senior club executives also in attendance at all meetings.”

Other Premier League clubs, including Manchester United and Liverpool, have set up similar boards in recent years.

A government white paper published last week outlined the role of an independent regulator for English football, the key recommendation of a fan-led review into the governance of the professional game.

The regulator will set a minimum standard of “fan engagement” as part of its licensing regime, including on issues such as name changes, stadium moves and even changes of kit.

Clubs will have to show that they are regularly consulting a representative group of fans on key strategic matters at the club.

“Through my position on the board, I want to ensure the club has the ability to respond reactively to supporter issues,” said Conservative peer Daniel Finkelstein, a Chelsea board member who will have strategic oversight of the FAB.

“Through our fans’ forums and other communication channels, we believe we are working well to capture this feedback and will continue to develop mechanisms to do so.

“In addition, I want to ensure our supporters are represented when we are considering long-term plans for the club.”

Chelsea are 10th in the league standings with 31 points after 24 games, 14 points outside of the top four, following a miserable run under manager Graham Potter.

They host Leeds United on Saturday.


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