The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Bankers’ Committee have launched a new cyber-security and fraud awareness campaign. The campaign, “Moni Sense” is aimed at educating the general public on safe-guarding themselves against cyber crimes.

The apex bank hopes to bring information to Nigerians of being alert at all times and noticing the possibilities of cyber fraud. They will also be taught to protect their banking information from fraudulent activities.

The Chairman, Financial Literacy and Public Enlightenment Sub-Committee (FLPE), said: “Fraudsters and scammers continually devise new ways to deceive the unsuspecting public, usually to lure them to inadvertently disclose confidential bank information. We encourage Nigerians to always be cautious and ignore any text message, phone call, or email asking to update your bank information, provide sensitive bank details, disclose online banking details, debit card numbers, bank verification number (BVN) or PIN to anyone.”

Financial literacy and public enlightenment are critical points in the Bankers’ Committee mandate, which makes such initiatives dire to the goal of increasing the number of financially included citizens in Nigeria.

The CBN and the Bankers’ Committee wants to ensure Nigerians are equipped with critical information in order to make important financial decisions, enhance economic prosperity, stay fraud aware and cyber safe, and drive poverty reduction in the country.

Credit support schemes were introduced earlier in March, 2020, by the CBN and the Bankers’ Committee, for households, MSMEs and businesses across various sectors.