Farmers under the umbrella of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), have come out to say the flash flood recorded in different parts of Nigeria, would definitely affect 2020 farming season, and this will cause poor yield.

The National President of AFAN, Kabir Ibrahim, made this information known in a statement, noting that the floods in June up to early August, had washed away crops and livestock enough to to cause food shortage.

He explained that wheat offal is about N5000 per 50Kg. He said the poultry industry is in anguish, due to scarcity and lack of funds for poultry feed.

Ibrahim said: “The skyrocketing prices of staples and grains such as maize selling for N18,000 per 100Kg scare the living day lights out of us.

“All these compounded by the COVID-19 still around us as much as when it impeded access to our farms during the complete lockdown portend a serious disaster to the food system.”

Ibrahim has also pleaded with the government to aid in curbing the crisis, by re-establishing the Guaranteed Minimum Price (GMP), and he solicited for the signing the Bill for the reestablishment of the National Food Reserve Aency (NFRA), into law.