Nigerian celebrity dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy, has announced her collaboration with stakeholders to provide health insurance to Nigerian dancers. This initiative was launched due to the spate of health issues, which has lead to the death of dancers in Nigeria. This initiative is being executed through the Kreative Arts Foundation for Youth (KAFFY) and the stakeholders.

This information was released during a two-day virtual conference tagged, ‘Dance2Health’, where Kaffy and other stakeholders, which included healthcare providers, health management organisations, life coaches and more, all came together to discuss a sustainable health insurance package for dancers.

While speaking at the conference, Kaffy said: “More than 98 per cent of dancers lack health insurance and self-awareness. The majority lead a lifestyle of drugs, peer pressure, poor mental wellbeing, and personal irresponsibility.

“This is the bane of the industry. Until every corporate dance leader is shouldered with the responsibility of ensuring that every staff (dancer) has a valid health insurance cover this industry lacks a heart.”

In addition to this, the celebrity dancer revealed that aside from the health insurance initiative, her foundation will proceed to launch a mental health support group, where dancers can meet twice monthly.

Prior to the summit, Kaffy noted she had done a survey of how many Nigerian dancers would be interested in health insurance, and 250 responses were recorded within 42 hours.

This triggered plans for the first phase of the initiative, with an initial 500 dancers to benefit from the package.

She said: “We agreed to start small in Lagos by running with a proper organisational structure, proper registration of dancers within local government areas, evaluating the cost of healthcare per unit, and finally putting up a system that stirs sustainable support and sponsorship is the way to go. This conference is an ongoing conversation that was proposed to run twice per month.”