Desmond James
Desmond James

I’ve always had flair for business – Chairman, TUTU Logistics 

NEWS DIGEST – Desmond James Ezenwa is the chairman/owner of TUTU, an Abuja-based brand that houses TUTU promotions, Press Play entertainment, TUTU car wash, and most recently, TUTU logistics.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur is from Anambra State, the last child of a family of six. He describes himself as a fearless fellow aiming to surpass and beat his previous achievements.

In chitchat with The News Digest’s SEGUN MICHAEL ADEYEMI, Mr. Desmond James Ezenwa speaks on his new business empire, his challenges, and future plans for his brand.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Tell us about yourself?

DESMOND: My name is Desmond James Ezenwa. I am from Anambra State, but I live and work fully in Abuja. I am 28yrs old and a serial entrepreneur, a civil servant, and the last child of a family of six. I’m a fun, fearless fellow, and a young man that strives to surpass what he did the previous day.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Tell us about your journey as a young entrepreneur?

DESMOND: It has been a tussle I must say because my background didn’t really help that much. I had so many challenges from the grassroots consisting of a lack of support. I struggled a lot and I think a lot, so it helps me when I need things done. So that birthed Press Play entertainment where the journey started and today, we are here and striving for more on a daily.

THE NEWS DIGEST: So, we heard you run a logistic based business set-up, can you tell us more about this new business of yours?

DESMOND: I just launched the TUTU brand which houses all the businesses I recently ventured into. TUTU car wash, located in Gwarinpa-Abuja, was launched this June. We’re into standardized and automated car cleaning services, after which a week later we launched the TUTU logistics. We deal in all business that has to do with moving from one location to another. We have dispatch riders, trucks, luxury cars for pickups at any time, any day. Also, TUTU Promotions is still testing the waters: it is a project based on pushing SMEs to support the starting brand. We are having a discounted promotional service going on now. Yea! That is what I have been up to lately amidst the pandemic.

THE NEWS DIGEST: What is the brain behind TUTU Logistics, why logistics of all businesses?

DESMOND: I have always had a flair for the transportation business, but a lot of factors did not make that happen. The world changed in a second when we got hit by the pandemic. So, I had to devise a means where I can solve the problem of transportation and adhere to social distancing. That is how TUTU Logistics got birthed.

THE NEWS DIGEST: How mobile is TUTU logistics, which axis do you cover?

DESMOND: TUTU Logistics get to wherever you want TUTU Logistics to get to anytime any day.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Interesting, you mean to say TUTU logistics covers the 36 States of the Federation?

DESMOND: Yes, but for now, we operate under the guidelines and rules set by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Do you have a digital platform where customers can seek for your services, like a mobile app?

DESMOND: That is in the works right now. For now, we operate 24/7 via customer care lines and social media direct messages.

THE NEWS DIGEST: What are your major challenges since the start of TUTU Logistics, especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic?

DESMOND: Everything has been dragging with the pandemic in play. Curfews affect us. Lots of businesses are shut down, leaving the patronage of our services to suffer. A lot of challenges that can be significantly found anywhere to some extent plays a role in TUTU logistics as a challenge.

THE NEWS DIGEST: What is that unique thing that differentiates you from your competitors?

DESMOND: Our services, which is a core to discipline towards delivering these services. Our precision is top-notch, it is consistent and structured in a way it ends in all parties going with satisfaction.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Aside TUTU Car Wash and Logistics, do you hope to expand the web of the brand beyond this?

DESMOND: Yes, we are looking into that but for now, we are working on making the TUTU Car Wash, Logistics, and Promotions a household name, and when the world opens fully we have more to say.

THE NEWS DIGEST: Lastly, what is your advice for young prospective entrepreneurs?

DESMOND: Keep pushing, it is not too late to start over. Do not let no one pressure you, pray always, and give no matter how small.

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