Ben Bruce implores FG to ban petrol powered car by 2035

NEWS DIGEST – Founder of Silverbird Group and former Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has once again called for a ban on all combustible engine cars by 2035.

The former senator in a tweet asked the federal government to ensure a total ban by 2035.

Ben Bruce made the call when he announced his order for 2 Lucid Electric cars. He added that the Lucid Car is better than Tesla.

Ben Bruce has been vocal on his opposition to continuous reliance on fossil fuel. As a Senator, he sponsored a bill for the ban of fossil powered vehicles.

“In practising what I preach, I recently put a deposit on this yet to be manufactured Lucid Electric Car. Delivery is early next year. It’s capable of more miles per charge than a Tesla. An amazing machine. Nigeria should ban all combustion Engine cars by 2035,” he said.