Bassa/Jos North: Best Option for APC

NEWS DIGEST – As the APC will in the next few days conducted its primary election by way of consensus or election and the bye-election is billed to hold, It has become imperative for the party to put its house in order to retain its winning streak at the election.

In other words, the APC led government, stakeholders and the party officials has to take specific steps to ensure the emergence of a credible person, one who has worked for the party, one who has worked for the generality of the people, one who is accepted by all and someone that will see it to victory.

No doubt persons with these qualities can be found among the aspirants who have indicated interests but the challenge is in finding one who by virtue of his past record has combined all these qualities to the advantage of the party.

In addition to this, someone proven to be a loyal and committed member of the party and the community,  not driven by hunger or lust for money but can even sacrifice his personal resources to lift the party and work for the community, one who is not proud and arrogant but accessible to all and one who commands respect across the two local government that formed Bassa/Jos North federal constituency.

Hon. Suleiman Yahaya-Kwande, who is one of the top contenders for the position amply fits the description.

From Day One of his foray into politics, Kwande believes that the party is the vehicle for taking party members to their desired destinations hence must be placed on sound footing before individual interests and ambitions.

This is why in 2013 when APC was formed and registered as a political party,  while others were running away from its, Kwande embraced the party, spend a lot of resources in developing the party and putting structures and elevating it to were it was today including contesting and winning the exalted seat of Bassa/Jos house of representatives with a wide margin due to his popularity and acceptability by all.

Convinced more than ever that the party needs his contribution to solidify and restructure to provide dividend of democracy to his people, he choose to remained and worked for the party. He came second in the primaries that brought Late. Alh. Haruna Maitala in 2019.

During his tenure as a legislator, Kwande has not only succeeded in making the APC more popular in Bassa/Jos North but in the entire Plateau with his ability to steer the affairs of the North central leadership with efficiency and class.

Under his leadership we have witness massive infrastructural development across the constituency he is representing. From schools to hospitals, to security to massive women and youths empowerment among others.

That is why many are calling on the APC and those in the authority to consider Kwande as the best alternative considering the time frame, his relationship with the House of representatives Spaker Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, his deputy Idris Wase and his colleagues in the house. There is no any favour that he will seek from them that will not be granted. More importantly, he has done it to them before and this is the pay back time.

Back home, he is a grassroots politician who has deep respect for traditional institutions which is why he has been decorated with different tradition titles across Bassa and Jos North; from Tafidan IRigwe to Talban Buji and Garkuwan Furaka.

If he has done it before with the little resources at his disposal we can be much more better if the party and the people will consider this humble, responsible and indefatigable man for this job.

Usama Jaafar wrote from  Jos