Tope Jaji
Tope Jaji

Another Independence, Another Struggle, By Tope Jaji

NEWS DIGEST – Happy Independence to all Nigerians who have been constantly saddled with being left to their fate. Happy Independence from government for they are not responsible for you.

The hospitals are closed and medical doctors are left at the hands of “one of them”, Ngige. Patients nko, a lot of people have died.

Happy free mindedness because only a psychologically strong people can cope and thrive in this reduction of life quality. And still manage to polish his shoes for hustle the next morning. Life goes on.

Happy Independence to all the Yahoo boys because police don’t see reasons to arrest them anymore. A generation already programmed for luxury and entitlement, whatever it takes to get, however short it will last.

Everybody wants to “drip” and pull up in a nice whip.

Graciously enough though, happy Independence to the military who were finally able to strategize and apply kinetics to the issues of bandits in Zamfara, Katsina, kaduna and some parts of Niger states. They’ve made us proud and we were happy with the footages of carnages wrecked on these personal non grata. But mind you, they’ve been fighting this war too long.

Happy Independence to the repentant Boko Haram members. The life of uncertainty you have chosen to leave behind, I hope it makes you humans again. Whatever circumstances made you members, it’s not for me to judge.

Happy Independence to people that are ready to tear the country apart, for apart we have been in our unity. And for what ever justification one might hold, to divide Nigeria is a “tip of the tongue talk”. The skin lies far from the bones, all you need is ability to see in-between.

Happy Independence to Naira,the currency is acting economically astronomical, the worth of our purchase is weak because we are addicted to foreign products.

The only way to help Naira is local enterprises by industrialization and manufacturing, and finally the indigenous purchase of goods produced in Nigeria.

Happy Independence to the now elegant first family who have despite the agony faced by our country men lived their lives to the fullest. The president is a model. Even Femi Fani-Kayode could not resist a picture with him.

Ehen, Femi happy independence to you my brother, nobody will appear in your dreams again. Now the billions have been unstolen, or was it fake news all along. I think we’ll guess who was bankrolling you. Politicians and shamelessness are like Babariga and design.

To everybody out there going through their days in hopes and with aspiration, not minding how depressing making a way through might be, I walk with you.

I walk away from depending on a government that depends on underdevelopment of her people.

Happy Independence day.