Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman NIDCOM
Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman NIDCOM

Analyzing NIDCOM’s Unique Deployment of ICT For Effective Communication

NEWS DIGEST – As someone with keen interest in the Information and Communication technology field, I am particularly usually glad when we have purposeful and unique usage of the information and communication technology for societal advancement.

When the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) was announced, it happened to be a very wonderful initiative, the serious question on my mind then was how Nigeria’s large diaspora community would be well covered by the commission. In-fact, I was very glad that Honorable Abike Dabiri emerged the Chief Executive Officer of the commission; her personality has always been unique.

Looking back, the commission has not only met expectations of  an inquisitive mind like mine  but also I believe strongly, of many other persons.
Chief among the success of the commission is the deployment of Information and communication technology to ensuring effective communication. The website of NIDCOM is particularly awesome, it meets the international standard a diaspora commission should have. It is quite impressive that you can understand the commission better in on swoop by just visiting the website, the beautiful interface is another thing to laud.

The agency has also made it a point of duty to update constantly its activities, leaving room for effective communication. One of the experiences I had was sending an email to the commission and I was very impressed to get a feedback not long afterwards; this does not usually happen in Nigeria as much.

The use of multimedia is also something worthy of commendation, with constant videos and pictures as a tool of reaching out to the diaspora community.
The extent of use of social media by the commission has also been laudable, for an agency of its quality, the Honourable Abike Dabiri led agency has seen the need to communicate with the global community more constantly and the use of social media has efficiently assured this.

The NIDCOM’s dedicated staff use of social media to promote the agency, inclusive of the Chief Executive Officer herself is just very much beautiful and outstandingly exceptional. Notably, the commission has achieved successful interventions through this means, ensuring that Nigerians in diaspora get help when needed and also ensuring justice is served, doing this and communicating same effect through the use of the social media.

The instance of Miss Omowunmi Rhoda Aladeboyeje remains very much key to note, the effective use of the Information and Communication Technology for communication was a key pointer to the commission’s commitment to modern day representation and intervention.

A quick check on goggle about NIDCOM will reveal many interventions of NIDCOM and successes of the commission, that is a power of a body that understands the importance of  today’s digital technology and the fact that it puts you out there severally.

For a commission like NIDCOM, there are more opportunities that abound with a continual leveraging on ICT for development and those opportunities are not just for projection of the commission but for benefit of Nigerians globally

Olanrewaju Oyedeji
Public Affairs Analyst and Commentator