Peter Scott, the Global CEO of BURN Manufacturing, has announced plans to establish a new cooking stove manufacturing facility in Ogun State. 

This announcement came during his visit to Abuja, where he met with Ajuri, the presidential aide on climate action.

The decision to build the facility in Ogun follows initial discussions between Mr. Scott and Mr. Ngelale, and marks an upgrade from the company’s current assembly-only plant located in Kano.

“As clean cooking has become more of a national focus, as not only a wealth-creating opportunity but also as a central theatre of activity in the just transition, companies will be supported with clean-finance incentives to empower our people to create sustainable solutions for tomorrow,” he stated.

Scott had spent 13 years as a cooking stove consultant in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2014, BURN launched its first full manufacturing facility in Kenya, the first and only of its kind, which is solar-powered.

Over the next three years, BURN aims to expand to Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, DRC, Nigeria and Ghana.

Meanwhile, Ngelale said he also hosted the Brazilian head of embassy, Joao Soares, and exchanged views on present and future opportunities in the climate action and green industrial spheres.

“As Africa’s and South America’s most populous nations, the two countries stand as critically important allies in the global south,” Ngelale said.

He said the two nations would need to deepen industrial and other forms of collaboration to advance climate justice and ensure new economic opportunities for their fast-growing populations.