The Akwa Ibom State Government says it has started the digitalisation of some aspect of the civil service for efficiency and service delivery.

The Head of Civil Service, Effiong Essien, said the digitalisation would remove delays experienced especially in the processing of workers leave, salary payment and retirement benefits.

In an interview on Thursday in Uyo, Essien explained that workers would be trained because the system would help to enhance their work.

He added that the government had embarked on the training of its workforce, particularly for workers on level 10-13 and permanent secretaries in order to address poor attitude to work, and increase efficiency.

“We are embarking on an asset management investment solutions to the running of the service. This involves the digitalisation of records, the human resource records of the service and computerising them so that we are not dealing with these processes manually only.

“They apply computer knowledge to handle processes that were before now duly manual and these solutions will soon be launched and apply in the day to day running of the service.

“This will greatly take away delays in so many aspects of the processes, processing of people’s retirement, processing of leave and even salary payment that is already computerized, but these process will add improvement to what has already been on ground in terms of that,” he stated.

The HOC revealed that the government was developing a housing estate for workers on rent-to-own-a-house basis, stating that already over 200 houses in Nsit Ibom had been given out to workers on that basis.

“We are also developing another one in Ibiono, still within the state capital, around Ikot adaidem, where work is in progress for housing units,” he added.